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February 18, 2013

The State of the Union, love, wrestling, more


On the question of do you have a vacation horror story to share:

• “Momma, what’s vacation?” — Jamie L.

• Yep, virus on Norwegian Cruise lines a couple of years ago. Terrible! — Shirley G.

On President Obama’s promise to create new jobs without raising the federal deficit — and whether this is possible:

• He doesn’t have a genie in a bottle. So, I would say no way — Floyd C.

• He’s lied before so I am sure he has no problem doing it again — Angela G.

• He’s made other offers but the Do Nothing Congress holds up every jobs bill and the Senate filibusters anything that would help the country. It’s time for partisan politics to stop and cooperation to step forward and help the working man — Joe H.

• Nice to hope, but jobs created doesn’t mean all will work them. No one wants to work anymore, or can’t for they are too busy living off the government and stealing for their next high — Angel H.

On a story about wrestling being cut from the 2020 Olympics:

• Why do people mess with things that isn’t broken?? — Angel H.

• Wresting is one of the oldest sports in the world going back to ancient times and is one of the original Olympic sports, but it doesn’t deserve to be an Olympic sport? There’s something wrong with that! — Anthony R.

On a poll question asking what is your favorite romantic movie?

• “The Notebook” definitely should have been on there! — Tabitha A.

• And “Pretty Woman” is the winner! .Nothing says “love” like the Cinderella tale of a hooker and a corporate raider — Neal V.

• “Dirty Dancing” of course — Mary M.

• “Bridges Of Madison County” — Sue K.

On a story about receiving “chocolate shoes” for Valentine’s Day:

• Women complain for 11 months out of the year that men want silly things and are distracted by shiny gadgets. And one month out of the year they expect chocolate, diamonds, and gold — Neal V.

• I once bought a chocolate “shirt and tie” at a chocolatier in Paris for a friend who had just received a big promotion at work — Rich N.


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