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February 18, 2013

The State of the Union, love, wrestling, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking how would you rate President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:

• Poor. Replay of 2009 promise of jobs. He just didn’t say in what country. He is America’s pied piper. West Virginians don’t fall for smooth talkers so easily. — Barbara T.

•  Yeah, Senator Byrd stayed in office 50 years and look at the great financial condition West Virginia is in. Of all states to talk about results — James B.

• Looks like another four years of failing policies! — Jessica T.

• Didn’t even watch it since it was probably more of the same old stuff we heard the past four years — Karen S.

• First time I can remember not watching the State of the Union Address. Too disgusted with the current state of American politics to waste time with it — Jim D.

• President Obama’s speech was, as usual, excellent. Now, if only we had a Congress which had the courage and decency to work to implement my president’s proposals. Unfortunately, the right wing is so entrenched in the politics of racism and screwing the common person that getting them to do anything at all is about as likely as an asteroid smacking into downtown Seattle. Not likely at all — Jonathan S.

• The speech centered on the middle class and what needs to be done to raise our standard of living as well as take care of our aging infrastructure and national debt. Yes! I have a brain — Bill M.

• Didn’t even watch the idiot. Can’t stand to even watch him. He is killing our country — Derek K.

• You would expect to hear this from a bunch of hillbillies. Now I see why he didn’t spend time campaigning in West Virginia. They still in the stone ages — Tracy S.

• Obama made perfect sense. He made good proposals and as always he offers a olive branch to the Republicans which was promptly swatted down by every talking head last night and this morning. Politics is not a game, it’s not “my side versus your side. “There can be a difference of opinion but there is no reason to claim Obama has done anything evil and wants Americans to fail. I really don’t recall people having so much hate towards Bush and he obliterated our country — Joe H.

• I remember plenty of people disliking Bush. The problem is that Obama has the same policies — Matt H.

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