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January 21, 2013

Guns, debt, snow, more


On a story about Obama unveiling a $500 million gun control package:

• Instead of getting us out of debt? — Shane B.

• Yeah, let’s waste $500 million more dollars — Marcel A.

• Spend $500 million on something worthwhile, my guns are already controlled. My trigger finger is functioning just fine — JB B.

• Way to fix the debt! Spend, spend, spend! — Cherie A.

• Yayyyy! Just what our kids and grandkids need, more debt — Sadie K.

• Why hasn’t this idiot been impeached yet? People wanted Clinton gone for a lot less — Jaimie D.

• Until there is a one term limit for all politicians, I blame the people who support our current electoral system — Jeff S.

• Presidents do not appropriate revenue and they do not borrow money — Bill M.

On the worst snowstorm you remember, and what local road you hate traveling most during inclement weather?

• I dislike Athens road! Especially from Dr. Lane’s through to Grace Christian Church — Jessica M.

• 1993, I think. Waist-deep snow! — Karen H.

• 1996 — Robin H.

• The April 1993 storm — Jinger U.

• Blizzard of 1993 ... I lived in Berwind — Jaime R.

• December of 2009 when the snow fell so fast and accumulated quickly — Melissa R.

• Definitely 1993 — Eric C.

• ’93 and 2009 were equally dreadful in their own respects — Jessica T.

• My least favorite road to drive is anywhere outside of Princeton or Bluefield. It’s like they forget other people exist ... — Sarah K.

• Route 52 is always bad in the winter — Mae M.

On a poll question asking how much snow is too much snow for you:

• No snow is too much as long as we don’t lose power! — Angela G.

• Over the bumpers on my Jeep — Tim H.

• Any that causes power outages — Sherry B.

• More than 12 inches — Roger N.

• Any snow is too much for me. I’m not a winter person. LOL — Liz D.

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