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January 21, 2013

Guns, debt, snow, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether new gun control laws are needed, or if the U.S. should step up enforcement of existing laws:

• The gun issue should be left to the voters in their areas ... I have not seen or heard of a law passed in Connecticut banning guns. Why? — Jerry W.

• If it could be proven that a ban or control works, then there might be an argument for it. However, even when the ban was in place between 1994-2004 we still had killings and murders. The bans simply will not work ... I have not seen a criminal yet who obeys the laws so why would they obey a ban? — John C.

• There’s a tremendous book on the subject called “More Guns, Less Crime.” The number of guns owned and carry permits has risen just as steadily as gun crimes have decreased. If you want to know why, ask a professional criminal. His answer is quite predictable — Paul D.

On a poll question asking who you will blame if Congress and President Obama can’t reach a deal to avoid the debt ceiling crisis:

• Congress — Mary S.

• Congress, as usual! — Kimberly C.

• There is no crisis, this is just drama for the masses to be worried about. If they want to crash the economy by defaulting on debts then fine, we’ll have 40 percent unemployment and I get to mount machine guns on my car and we’ll live under “Road Warrior” rules — Joe H.

• Every last one of them! They all should have been voted out in the last election — Hazel S.

• Obama — Nora S.

• If all the people in Washington’s paychecks were held from the president on down, they would settle all the problems in a matter of days — William D.

• Obama — Darlene B.

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