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January 21, 2013

Guns, debt, snow, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether new gun control laws are needed, or if the U.S. should step up enforcement of existing laws:

• The gun issue should be left to the voters in their areas ... I have not seen or heard of a law passed in Connecticut banning guns. Why? — Jerry W.

• If it could be proven that a ban or control works, then there might be an argument for it. However, even when the ban was in place between 1994-2004 we still had killings and murders. The bans simply will not work ... I have not seen a criminal yet who obeys the laws so why would they obey a ban? — John C.

• There’s a tremendous book on the subject called “More Guns, Less Crime.” The number of guns owned and carry permits has risen just as steadily as gun crimes have decreased. If you want to know why, ask a professional criminal. His answer is quite predictable — Paul D.

On a poll question asking who you will blame if Congress and President Obama can’t reach a deal to avoid the debt ceiling crisis:

• Congress — Mary S.

• Congress, as usual! — Kimberly C.

• There is no crisis, this is just drama for the masses to be worried about. If they want to crash the economy by defaulting on debts then fine, we’ll have 40 percent unemployment and I get to mount machine guns on my car and we’ll live under “Road Warrior” rules — Joe H.

• Every last one of them! They all should have been voted out in the last election — Hazel S.

• Obama — Nora S.

• If all the people in Washington’s paychecks were held from the president on down, they would settle all the problems in a matter of days — William D.

• Obama — Darlene B.

On a story about Obama unveiling a $500 million gun control package:

• Instead of getting us out of debt? — Shane B.

• Yeah, let’s waste $500 million more dollars — Marcel A.

• Spend $500 million on something worthwhile, my guns are already controlled. My trigger finger is functioning just fine — JB B.

• Way to fix the debt! Spend, spend, spend! — Cherie A.

• Yayyyy! Just what our kids and grandkids need, more debt — Sadie K.

• Why hasn’t this idiot been impeached yet? People wanted Clinton gone for a lot less — Jaimie D.

• Until there is a one term limit for all politicians, I blame the people who support our current electoral system — Jeff S.

• Presidents do not appropriate revenue and they do not borrow money — Bill M.

On the worst snowstorm you remember, and what local road you hate traveling most during inclement weather?

• I dislike Athens road! Especially from Dr. Lane’s through to Grace Christian Church — Jessica M.

• 1993, I think. Waist-deep snow! — Karen H.

• 1996 — Robin H.

• The April 1993 storm — Jinger U.

• Blizzard of 1993 ... I lived in Berwind — Jaime R.

• December of 2009 when the snow fell so fast and accumulated quickly — Melissa R.

• Definitely 1993 — Eric C.

• ’93 and 2009 were equally dreadful in their own respects — Jessica T.

• My least favorite road to drive is anywhere outside of Princeton or Bluefield. It’s like they forget other people exist ... — Sarah K.

• Route 52 is always bad in the winter — Mae M.

On a poll question asking how much snow is too much snow for you:

• No snow is too much as long as we don’t lose power! — Angela G.

• Over the bumpers on my Jeep — Tim H.

• Any that causes power outages — Sherry B.

• More than 12 inches — Roger N.

• Any snow is too much for me. I’m not a winter person. LOL — Liz D.

On a story about a plea agreement being considered for a Mercer County murder suspect:

• Yup, they’ll knock it down to 10 years with mercy or some stupid nonsense. But heaven forbid you’re a first time offender for petty larceny, they’ll lock you up for 20 years — Don Z.

On a story about the reopening of the Colorado movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people, and if you would you feel comfortable attending an event at a venue where a tragedy had taken place:

• It’s not that I would feel uncomfortable. I think it’s just morally wrong and taboo, so to speak, to even consider it! And selfish for that matter! Have a new one built; tear it down and put up a memorial! — Joya C.

On a poll question asking how quickly your road or street is cleared of snow and ice following a snowstorm:

• Pisgah Road may be get scraped by the end of the day, but I seriously doubt the state road will come and scrape Alvis Road. Typically, our local neighbors with tractors plow us out of here — Lori A.

• City of Bluefield takes a couple months to get to ours — Matthew D.

• City of Princeton always out doing a great job. State road, though, this go around had their hands full. Another version of “The Fast and the Furious,” it just came down so fast! — Debra C.

• The street I own a house on there is usually cleared when the sun melts it. LOL — Chris S.

• Our road is never worked by the state road. If we are lucky a neighbor will get to it but it’s rare. It’s a gravel orphan road — Debbie P.