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May 12, 2014

Rocks, marriage, Rahall, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a father and son being arrested on a spray-painting vandalism charge in Tazewell County.

• It’s a rock with spray paint on a back road. Wow. Us county folks don’t wanna see that bahahahah ... we don’t care! Let’s not report the house that was put on fire, the man who sexually assaulted his niece, the man who beat his wife with an ax ... Lets talk about rocks — Tonya J.

• If it was art I would say let them go but that is dumb. Looks bad. But I agree that I think the police have bigger issues on their hands — Chrissy C.

• It’s vandalism and it’s illegal, charge them! Some people blame the law when they do their job and then some blame them if they don’t — Joyce W.

On a story about a dog tag taking a long journey to return to a local soldier's family.

• Awesome story — Tina W.

On a story about U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., facing a tough re-election battle.

• It's tough when the Koch Brothers come into W.Va. with their $100 billion dollars and spend money to influence our elections so they can get a tax cut, keep polluting our planet and exploiting the working poor — Joe H.

On a question asking if it is OK for women to propose marriage?

• Yes I do think a woman could ask a man to marry  — Everette P.

• I asked my husband to marry me while he was in the Army in 1997 — Tonya J.

• To each their own, but I'm kinda old fashioned. I think it's more romantic if the man proposes — Alicia P.

On a story about the resignation of Tazewell County School Superintendent Dr. Michaelene Meyer.

• Seriously? She resigns and still gets paid a full salary for another year? Must have been something going on behind closed doors ... — Alison S.

• Why don’t they use the money they are going to pay her to have free lunches for students? I have always wondered why do prisoners get free lunches and our children don’t? — Mary L.

• I think I will apply... — Lynn C.

• I feel certain it will be back to the good old boy club .. someone from within with same old same old — Lynn Q.

• The Tazewell County Board of Education's decision will be costing its citizens $170,000 plus. If I were one of these citizens I would be asking why at the next school board meeting. Their lame excuse of wanting to make their own selection is too lame to be acceptable — Bill S.

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