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April 28, 2014

Felons, flipping, trash, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether felons who have served their time should have the right to vote:

• Yes — Julia S.

• No — Evan N.

• If they are paying taxes, they should have the right to vote — Courtney N.

• Yes, they should. If they’ve served their time then why not? — Juquetta O.

On high drug overdose rates for Mercer and McDowell counties:

• This, sadly, comes as no surprise to any who live here — Katharine N.

• It is hard to save people from themselves — Steven T.

• We need to hit the problem, stronger sentencing on the dealers and the users. If we ban drugs like they are trying to ban our guns it just might work — David P.

On some state Democrats flipping to the GOP:

• Well if that’s what they are doing they are not Democrats to start with. Vote them out — Eugene P.

• “Gee, I’m shocked!” said no one, ever — Harry R.

• Vote them out and replace them with someone who doesn’t drink the Obama/Holder Kool-Aid — William P.

• Yeah, let’s replace them with people who think the Reagan and Bush years were super peachy. (sarcasm) — Don Z.

On a Bluefield man claiming to be a “magical warlock” arrested for sex crimes against children:

• Oh, Heaven help us. I am overwhelmed by the instances of sexual crimes against children — Ann T.

• This would stop if the sentences were stiff enough. Hanging is a good deterrent — Janis D.

• Burn him at the stake then — Alex M.

• Capital punishment doesn’t work as a deterrent but with capital punishment you can be sure they won’t be repeating their crimes — Joe H.

• Now he can spend the rest of his life in “Azkaban” and be tormented by the “dementors,” lol — Michael W.

• Great job BPD! Good to see these sickos off the streets! — Eric L.

• I hope he doesn’t become another sex offender who is allowed to plea bargain these charges down — Bill S.

• I don’t think a sex offender or a murderer should be offered plea deals. Why should they get any kind of mercy? They sure do not show the victims any — Chandra S.

• It is like Groundhog Day in the paper ... every week it’s pedophiles, pillheads, and until this year, CU football players in the blotter. What the heck is in the water? Wow, just wow! — Scott N.

On the partial collapse of an apartment complex in McDowell County:

• Lucky no one was hurt — Mary M.

On the clean up of an illegal dump, and other areas that need to be cleaned:

• I am a fan of free trash disposal. Virginia allows those who live within their county to dump as much as they need, which helps ... — Vickie W.

• Yes, there are illegal dump places on Peggy Branch Road in Princeton ... — Ali H.

• Morgan Piedmont Road outside of Lashmeet — Deanna B.

• Pick a road, any road ... Jeff C.

On a West Virginia school being ordered to remove a Bible verse from its gymnasium and school wrestling team’s website after a complaint from a group in Wisconsin:

• Stop hating ... goodness — Jason C.

• These states need to take care of their own business and leave West Virginia alone, this state will always stand up for our God — Diane D.

• I feel sorry for that Wisconsin group at judgment time — Heather J.

• People just don’t fear God anymore. We need to pray for our country. This is so sad — Lina A.

• I know that you all are saying that we should keep God in school, but why? Not everyone believes in the same God as you ... — Alli L.

• This is crazy. What happened to freedom of religion! This world is falling apart — Missy M.

On the government encouraging many nonviolent federal prisoners to apply for early release in an effort to deal with high costs and overcrowding in prisons:

• This is the best decision the government had made in a while — Debbie R.

• No, just because they are nonviolent doesn’t mean they won’t do it again ... — Mary L.

• I think it depends on the crime. People can change ... — Angela C.

• ... build more prisons — David P.

• Do tha crime do tha time — Mary F.