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April 14, 2014

Dogs, tattoos, trains, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story in which people voiced opposition to a proposed dog park in Bluefield:

• I could agree the location isn’t good, but where would this money come from? I could find hundreds of other things our taxes could go to benefiting everyone — Craig C.

• The majority of the money would come from grants. If this isn’t built the grants will just be taken back by the federal/state government to be used in another city. Once again Bluefield would lose out on what could be a great enriching activity for people and their dogs ... — Mark L.

• It’s small things like this that make a town attractive, but there are some who don’t want anything to change, and will yell about “no change” while the city rots out from underneath them ... — Don Z.

• Dog parks only add value to a city. I think people need to be more concerned with the drug and slumlord problem — Chrissy C.

• I live in Tazewell but what bothered me is how the people were complaining about putting the park in an area with children and the elderly. Dog attacks happen. My own dog of seven years came within a millimeter of ripping my arm off at the age of 13. I had to have plastic surgery to fix it. A dog park with a fence and the owner present is safer than people think — Christy R.

On how young is too young to get a tattoo or piercing:

• I think 17 is as early as it should be if a parent signs for it — Alicia P.

• I think you should be a legal adult — Mary L.

• 18 — Brenda M.

• When they are OUT of my house — Linda B.

• Another point of view, what business will hire anyone with visible tattoos or visible body piercings? That’s carrying it to the limits. 21 is a good age to begin tattooing, or piercings. My children got theirs between the ages of 30-34 — Dollie B.

• Never, it is dangerous — Barbara F.

• 21 — Hannah S.

• I think 18. At 18 you are old enough to fight for your country so you should be wise enough to know if you want a tattoo or piercing — Kristi C.

• 16 should be the lowest for tattoos — Jessie W.

• 18, that is the age to carry a gun and join the military — Joe K.

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