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February 17, 2014

Court, caffeine, snow, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a mistrial being declared in a child porn and sexual abuse case due to a juror having chest pains:

• Did they filter the jurors well enough? — Chrissy C.

• Really, is this a joke? Surely she can go to the hospital and resume after she is released. So is he going to be set free pending another trial? Crazy — Benita N.

• Why not let her get calmed down, medicated if need be, and resume deliberations on Monday? — Cherri C.

• What? Give me a break — Meyishi B.

• This is unbelievable! — Leisha C.

• Only one alternate juror? And they were sent home? My goodness! What kind of system is this? — Janis D.

• ... Alternate jurors are there, in court, hearing the evidence. If, during this part of the trial, a juror becomes ill, is dismissed, etc., he/she is replaced by an alternate. But once the jury begins deliberation, the alternates are released — Bill S.

• What is it about any sex crime and it goes to hell in Mercer County? Very strange ... — Scott N.

On a former Princeton police officer being arrested for a second time in Greenbrier County:

• I do believe this is being investigated by the Justice Department. The man in question is brain damaged because of injury at the State Police Academy ... too many questions regarding police behavior — Lynn C.

• Keep smacking him on the hand. One day he will fully assault a kid and it’ll come back to all this — Chris S.

• I call BS on that. If he was injured why in the hell is his only problem minor children? Get real — Michelle L.

On if you allow your kids to consume caffeine, and if so, how much:

• My kids drink water and milk but if we go out to dinner I let them have pop as treat — Angela G.

• I let mine have a coffee, limit one cup/day. They don’t drink it every single day. They drink hot tea sometimes, and I don’t like them to have soda — Bobbie L.

• Tea, coffee, chocolate, pop — Gayle W.

On a story about a McDowell County man arrested twice in the same day on the same charges:

• They need to give him about six months for stupidity — Carol B.

On a story about a forecasted monster storm:

• People already freaking out. It’s winter in West Virginia, we get snow... — Peter M.

• Where’s that “Do Not Like” button? — Kathy L.

On if you are tired of snow days, and whether the school calendar should be changed:

• No ... I love having my kids home. The way I work I cherish every moment with them — Greg B.

• Snow days may save their lives, who wants to risk putting their children on a bus that could be in an accident? I don’t want to put my grandchildren at risk — Diane D.

• No. Summertime is the only time these kids get to enjoy being outside ... — Kelsie B.

• They complain about kids being overweight and not spending enough time outside, but they want to stick them inside the school all summer when it’s possible for them to be outside ...? — Karen H.

• I have personally not seen any concern with my child’s education due to the excessive amount of snow days ... — Patricia D.

• Heck no! Don’t punish the kids because of the weather. They are human beings too! They like summer just like the rest of us ... geesh... — Lisha R.

• I think they should do year-round school. Every three months, they get a month off — Bobbie L.

• Summers would be OK if they didn’t pile them down with homework so they could go outside for some play time and fresh air — Darlene F.

• To be rather honest, I don’t mind the snow days. That just means there is less of a chance of my children getting sick from other children who are sent to school by sorry parents! :) Dreama H.

On your favorite Shirley Temple movie:

• Toss up between “Heidi” and “The Little Princess” — Donna G.

• “Bright Eyes” — Lillian R.

On a poll question asking about your favorite dog breed:

• I have two Lab mixes and they are the best dogs — Angela G.

• Nothing in the world like a big-eyed, loyal, sweet, loving beagle — especially one named Daisy — Donna G.

• I prefer pit bull — Dustin F.

• Love my boxers! — Susie H.

On a storm dropping a foot of snow on the region:

• Wow — Selena H.

• Only a foot? Please! Bland County ... 16 Inches — Jimbo R.

• 15 inches this morning in Kegley and it’s not stopped snowing since! — Darlenna F.

• 21 inches in Christiansburg and still snowing — Lynn D.