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June 24, 2013

ATVs, education, W.Va., more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On the Bluefield, Va., Town Council mulling restrictions for driving golf carts on roads, and if you have ever witnessed vehicles that are not street legal traveling on major roadways:

• Every day, every hour, every minute, every second ATVs are on the roads. Most of the time they are either a kid or a drunk darting all over the road. Take away all of these things from these irresponsible drivers. Go play in the woods where you are supposed to be — Joe H.

• It’s no worst then four-wheelers riding on the road. If they’re to ride in the road they both should pay personal property taxes, have it inspected and pay to drive it legally like a vehicle. Four-wheelers are no different then vehicles, so why even allow them on the road to begin with? — Twig D.

• Wow! Of all things a city could fight, why this? I think we need to worry more about theft and drug activity instead of worrying about a golf cart or ATV on a roadway! — Mae E.

• I have seen both golf carts and one very loud, obnoxious man riding an ATV up and down my street multiple times a day with no helmet ... — Mandy B.

On what can be done to improve our education system:

• Remove the union — Jerry W.

• Remove the union? Yes, because our teachers aren’t screwed enough by the government, so let’s take away their ability to stand up against it? — Melissa F.

• Year-round school — Barbie D.

• I’ve seen teacher salaries rank between 39 and 46 out of 50. A good start would be to pay them more. Most positions want you to have a Masters so they should be paid better. In addition, learning starts at home. Instead of parents expecting teachers to do it all, parents need to come to the plate and aid in their education — Chuck W.

• If we paid teachers a million dollars a year, would they start turning out Nobel prize winners or even one good rocket scientist? No. it has been proven time and time again that teacher unions do nothing but protect bad teachers ... as a side note, you could throw three kids out of each classroom and improve learning by quite a bit — Steven T.

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