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June 17, 2013

Guns, Superman, sentencing, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a Princeton group hoping to restore the former Lavon Theater:

• When in high school I spent many Friday afternoons in the “Royal” seeing movies — 10 cents for the movie and another 10 cents for a coke and a bag of popcorn — Gene B.

On a story about a Virginia couple who kept a girl in a cage being sentenced to 30 years:

• I hope these individuals get the same treatment in prison that they gave this precious child. How sick and sad. Pray for this little girl and that her heart can begin to heal with good people that will love her. So sad — Cindy C.

• Sentence doesn’t sound long enough to me! Evil! — Sarah P.

• Disgusting, they will get theirs one way or another. They should be locked up and put into solitary confinement, see how they like it. Like I say, we need to be the voices for the voiceless, and there are many, many more out there like this. It sickens me — Mary G.

On whether all schools should practice gunman drills:

• ... yes! It’s always beneficial to be prepared for anything! — Jason Q.

• Heck yes! They should also allow teachers and administrators who want to, to conceal carry in schools — Shoshana M.

• Yes — Alleta R.

• If government would take care of business people would be afraid to take a gun to public places, especially our schools — Peggy F.

On a story and question asking when a nightgown is appropriate in the office:

• Um ... never. Seriously? — Karen H.

• On a porn movie set — Drew F.

On a story about an underage alcohol sting:

• Arresting people always stops these kinds of things. *eyeroll* — Derek Z.

On a poll question asking who is the best Superman actor?:

• Christopher Reeve — Mary C.

• O.G. George Reeves — Steven R.

• Christopher Reeve for the movies, Dean Cain for a TV series — Karen S.

• Tom Welling played an awesome Clark Kent but he was a doo-doo Superman, if that makes sense — PJ B.

On a story about Bill Cole announcing he will not challenge Nick Rahall in the coming election:

• Rahall should of been gone years ago. This state thinks the Dems are helping it? It helps certain areas, and that’s it — Luke N.

• [He] needs to complete the term he was elected to by the voters before moving on. Besides Congressman Rahall would be hard to beat by a newbie — Bill S.

On a story about Tracy Atwell being sentenced to life with mercy for first-degree murder:

• That’s messed up! You murder you lose your freedom! — Cynthia C.

• What mercy did that poor woman get? — Diana A.


On a story about the NRA taking aim at U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin:

• Any West Virginia citizen that still supports Joe is nuts — Drew F.

• Love it! Manchin needs to go next election! — April D.

• Sick to death of these idiots calling my house. It should be illegal for the NRA to rant on and on and on about their stupidity. The NRA needs to go! — Bev O.

• I don’t see why the NRA is targeting Joe Manchin for trying to prevent terrorists and criminals from legally buying guns at gun shows and over the Internet unless the NRA is only protecting the rights of gun manufacturers, criminals and terrorists ... — Joe H.

• Why are people still so deluded that they believe gun laws affect criminals? — Eric J.

• Agree with NRA 100 percent — Jim M.

On a story about a Mercer County fugitive being captured in Florida:

• I am so glad they caught this piece of crap. He gave the officer a fake name but a portable fingerprint reader is what got him caught! Yippee — Sharon S.

• Why do they all come to Florida?! — Terri O.

On a story about directors-elect of the Bluefield city board choosing Tom Cole to serve as the new mayor:

• Congratulations. Wishing you well. I know you will do a great job — Elva N.

• Wonderful news! — Kathy K.

On a story about Jay Rockefeller wanting Nickelodeon to ban ads targeted at children that promote and sell junk food and sugar:

• Instead of going after Nickelodeon’s ads, he could go after the people who made the junk food bad. For instance, how about a campaign to get high fructose corn syrup out of 90 percent of what we eat? — Sarah K.

• Maybe parents should be responsible for their kids, and force government to butt out of our lives — Joseph L.

• How bout fighting against something more important like drunk drivers and drugs — Heather P.

On a story about an email scam that alleges Sen. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, is stranded in France and needs $2,000 to get home:

• Thanks for the heads up. If this were true I would leave her and hope she had other democrats in her company — Ken P.

• What’s sad is that you have to notify people that this is a scam. It’s amazing how many people fall for stupid stuff like this — Robert Y.