Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 25, 2013

Residents respond to pit bull ban

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about the Bluefield city board passing an ordinance banning pit bulls:

• Stupid is as stupid does — Kathy L.

• Bluefield is just going to make sure people don’t want to live there, aren’t they? They already ran the businesses away. Wow — Dana S.

• It’s not the breed’s problem — they’re banned, it’s the smucks that raise them — Petey P.

• The citizens here spoke, they didn’t listen. These board members (showed) pure ignorance — Susie B.

• If the city of Bluefield had an animal control officer that actually did his job this law/ordinance quite possibly wouldn’t have needed to be passed! ... — Lyn C.

• I might adopt a pit bull and take it on walks in Bluefield every day — Matt S.

• The citizens were allowed to speak AFTER the ban was passed — Mercer County Pitbull Awareness Team

• So sad — Crystal B.

• How irresponsible. I would be working to vote out/recall those on the board... — Lynn C.

• Unbelievable. Why don’t (you) just ban the humans that fight them? — Victor L.

• How about banning OxyContin and meth first. Or drum up some employment in that shell of a town. Nope ... dogs. Next on the docket, banning public ketchup use — Garrett C.

• This is BS! I have a rottweiler, and like pit bulls, they get a bad wrap! Some of the most gentle sweetest dogs I have ever seen are pits and rotties. It’s all how you raise them! ... — Joni B.

• Absolutely ridiculous. The time and energy spent on getting this bill passed could have been spent on much bigger concerns and problems — Kayla M.

• Typical legislative stupidity ... there are far bigger issues, but as with most all cowards, this sort of useless, pointless and profoundly stupid law is far easier to pass than dealing with the actual issues ... — Jonathan S.

• The city council has labored mightily and brought forth a whimper. Is this the best they can do to solve their problems? — Bill S.

• Why is it that pit bull owners never get together and work within their ranks to make sure they are being responsible? Why is it that instead of policing their own and telling irresponsible owners you need to shape up or we’ll get BSL, pit bull owners stomp around and say, “I can do whatever I want and I don’t care if it ruins my community?” — Lucy M.

• This sickens me. Breed specific legislation needs to stop. It is unfair, unjust, and absolutely uncalled for — Sabrina S.

• Anybody know what it takes to repeal an ordinance? Count me disgusted with this! — Diana F.

• Trying to tell us we can’t use certain guns and can’t have certain dogs. Get my point — Elizabeth A.

• My “favorite” part of the article: “the public hearing to be held after the vote.” Do what? Count me disgusted, too! — Jenny A.

• I can’t believe that a majority of voices against this ordinance is not honored. And when did we begin discrimination against animals? What’s next, Bluefield? — Daniel P.

• Thank you city board. I agree with your action — Jimmy G.

• I am not a pit bull fan, however I do support animal rights. And I know for a fact that the West End of Bluefield has been reported for animal neglect and we cannot even get those animals placed in proper living conditions ... — Margie B.

• Why can’t stupid people be banned? They only breed more stupid — Nia G.

• Amen! — Seva P.

• Nothing like politicians taking the easy way out. They need to deal with the problem instead of adopting the much “easier” option of breed specific legislation — Karen N.

• BUT you don’t understand, EVERYONE at the country club thought it was a FAB idea ... — Steven T.

• The shelter should refuse any animal coming to them through this ban — Chad E.

• Even after so many showed up to protest this issue, the board still voted on the side of fear and paranoia rather than the overwhelming voice of the people. I think it’s time we find new candidates for office — Tim K.

• It’s not the dog that has the problem, it’s the few owners who train their pit bulls to fight. I think the city needs to move on to bigger things than worrying about dogs in Bluefield. How about making people keep their property clean? Houses that are boarded up and no one is doing anything about them. Rats are living in these houses. Leave the pet owners alone — Ava N.

• I am so proud of the Bluefield city board. Now it is time for the state of West Virginia to follow their lead and do the same. Thank you city of Bluefield! — Will Y.

• Makes me want to move to Bluefield and adopt/buy a pit bull. I can already see the police busting into an innocent family’s home swat style because they own a dog that looks too much like a pit bull. I would imagine there could be Fourth Amendment issues here. Can’t wait to see how the city will enforce this ignorant law — Joshua B.