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April 15, 2013

Tolls, dogs, mail, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about cursive writing fading from society, and what is more important, cursive or keyboarding:

• Cursive? I think I’d be more worried about spelling. BTW IDK OMG LOL ... — Jamie L.

• Keep teaching cursive, or we will be back to making your mark instead of signing your name. Computers have actually led to the further dumbing down of this country ... — Joseph L.

• If you don’t teach children writing, at least printing if not cursive, how can they communicate? What will they do if there is no technology with a keyboard available? Everyone needs to know how to read and write without the use of a keyboard. With writing you can always leave a message in the dirt or dust to communicate! — Greg G.

On a poll question asking if America’s economy is moving in the right direction nearly four years after the Great Recession:

• Seems to be. People sure do buy a lot of iPhones and stupidly big trucks for the economy to be in such rough shape — Derek Z.

• We are still in the Great Recession — Lecia S.

On Senate leadership killing a House approved turnpike tolls removal bill:

• It is an unfair “tax” on the people of southern West Virginia only. They don’t care as long as they are not the ones being penalized. I still say if they need this money so bad move the tolls to one of the roads in the northern part of the state and the problem is solved! ... — Teresa D.

• How many people pay to go to work? My husband does because of the tolls. A lot of the ones that want to push it under the table get a free pass given to them to go to work — Carey P.

On a story about a West Virginia State Police trooper shooting a pit bull in Princeton:

• OK, they deemed the dog aggressive for running? This needs to be investigated to the fullest extent. If a dog is running and an officer can say it’s aggressive, something isn’t right. It is because it was a pit bull — no other reason! — Bev D.

• Cops always shoot dogs. That is how they deal with them. They will shoot anything, even a golden retriever if they “feel” they are threatened. Bet this will be used to further the pit bull ban agenda. A running dog is a running dog! Jerks, this is why I do not like cops — Julie D.

• Too many irresponsible owners of pit bulls that’s why. I repeat, if I were the trooper in question, I would have used the 12-gauge and been reloading — Fairley W.

• The trooper responded to an aggressive dog call. Two dogs start running toward him when he came to the location. I love dogs but I would have done the same thing. People you have to keep your dog on a leash. No dog is going to stay in a yard when a cat walks by or children are playing. What if the puppy ran out in the road and was hit by a car? Would we blame the driver? It was all a misunderstanding — Chrissy C.

• I agree that the cop should have given the dog a better chance. However, the owner lives in a trailer park. Why didn’t the owner and her son put the dog on a leash or at least sit outside with it while it relieved itself? ... Wrong or right, we can’t just blame the cop. There aren’t enough responsible dog owners in this area ... — Jaimie D.

On a story about the Bluefield pit bull ordinance moving forward:

• If city leaders and residents could be as passionate on other issues facing the city then maybe it would not be in such a bad condition ... — Chrissy C.

• I hope they come to their senses ... Crystal B.

On a story about a Mercer County man sentenced to 10 years for shooting a police informant:

• Only 10 years? — Susan A.

On whether veterinarians should be restricted from providing advice online:

• For non-emergency problems, I don’t see why not. A vet can provide URLs for further research into pet maintenance and there’s no waiting room. I wouldn’t try to handle an emergency online — Derek Z.

On a story in which students describe the horrific tragedy at a Texas college:

• The stigma of mental illness needs to be removed allowing treatment for those who need it. Mental illness needs to be thought of in the same manner as any other illness, be it a common cold or nosebleed — Raymond G.

On a story about the Mingo County sheriff slaying suspect being barred from owning a gun:

• That’s why gun control won’t work. The criminals are the ones who will have the guns to rob you, steal from you and even murder you! That’s why I have a gun! I have a 50-50 chance of surviving! — Ava N.

On how often you visit your local post office, and if you correspond mostly through mail or email?

• Every two weeks when we get paid to buy stamps and mail out bills — Courtney P.

• Email — especially after I found out that they do not have to pick up your outgoing mail if you don’t have any coming in — Sabrina C.

• Correspondence via email and pay all bills online — Don Z.

On Aerosmith coming to The Greenbrier Classic:

• No way! Great! — Venetia G.

On a story about copper being stolen from a 911 tower in McDowell County:

• Call 911 — Elbert O.

• This is an act of domestic terrorism. The suspects need to be prosecuted as terrorists — Chrissy C.

• I agree ... It does need to be, but probably won’t be! — Ashley D.

• It is West Virginia folks, I’m not shocked in the least by this — Joseph L.