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July 12, 2013

Phones, feud, arrests, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On if you have a landline, and which you use more — a landline or cellphone:

• Either which one you have, landline or mobile, truth is the NSA will still be spying on you — Luke N.

• The NSA doesn’t care about your dirty emails or your conversation with Uncle Bob. They’re looking for al-Qaida, not newsletters from your favorite gun club — Derek Z.

• Both — Kristi M.

• We have both! We have to have a landline because we live out in the middle of nowhere (I love it) and have no cell service! — Stephanie J.

• Have both ... landline used the most — Charlene L.

• I live in Buchanan County where cell service is sparse — when our house caught on fire our cell booster did not work due to power being cut. How would we call 911 if we had not had a landline? This concerns me as most of Tazewell, Buchanan and McDowell County does not have access to cell service — Sandra H.

• Why in this day and age is cell service still almost nonexistent in McDowell and other counties? I worry all the time when my sister travels to her teaching job that if she is in an accident she won’t be able to call for help! I see nothing has changed since I left 28 years ago. The miners work hard and pay their taxes and the upper part of the state reaps the benefits. I bet Charleston has excellent service, just like they have the best roads, etc. — Cheryl H.

• I live within a mile of a cell tower ... still can’t get cell service on my phone. So I have a landline and a cell. I rely on my landline when I’m at home and my cell when I’m away — Kaye L.

• Phone companies are going to raise the prices of landlines to make them the same cost as cell phones. They are deliberately pricing themselves out of the landline market — Bev O.

• Iaeger. Bradshaw. Roderfield. Panther. Hanover. = no cell coverage. Thanks, Obama! — Steven R.

• No landline, I use a cell phone — Sherry B.

• I have a cell phone for traveling, but it is useless in McDowell. Even in Welch it’s spotty on service. We have heard so many stories about getting more towers over several years. And guess what? It still hasn’t happened. Probably won’t see it in my lifetime — Michele C.

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