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July 8, 2013

Texting, shooting, mooning, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if you agree with the new anti-texting and talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving laws in West Virginia and Virginia:

• It’s a good law, however, it is going to be hard to enforce. Also the law should apply to everyone driving including the police or state officials — Sunshine G.

• It seems like a lot of people that talk on their cell phones and text drive like drunk drivers. They have studies to show this. So anyone that says they can drive and talk should think twice — Chrissy C.

• Texting — yes. Talking — no! — Harold P.

• No, because some can’t afford the Bluetooth piece or can’t wear it if they have hearing aides. Are police privileged? Saw one on phone this morning.... — Sandy L.

• Hands-free devices that clip to sun visor are available. I have one. And at $80 costs less than one fine — Kathy L.

• Absolutely agree! People need to pay attention when driving not be fooling with a phone — Pam B.

• Yes I agree. I followed a lady the other day that was texting. She looked drunk swerving, speeding up, then slowing down — Rob B.

• You are supposed to be driving, so I have no problem with it. Mythbusters did a comparison between just over the legal limit intoxication and talking on a cell phone. They found that people drove better drunk than talking on a cell phone — Joseph L.

• Can we do a citizens arrest for I see so many officers with their phone’s up to their ear?  — Angel H.

• I think they should make it also a crime for women to put on makeup while they’re driving — Luke N.

On a story about a gun maker saying U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is the reason it decided not to open a plant in the Mountain State.

• Joe is in bed with Obama on killing jobs here in West Virginia. Joe must go — Terry W.

• Oh boo hoo hoo. Manchin isn’t anti-gun, he’s anti-criminals-getting-guns. And so am I. Remember that next time you get robbed at gunpoint. The criminal probably bought the gun legally — Derek Z.

• Come to Virginia. We could use the jobs — Joseph L.

• Criminals don’t buy guns. They steal, trade dope and or other stolen property for stolen guns — Darrell B.

On a story about three people being shot at a Bluefield playground:

• So sad when things like this happen. No place is safe anymore. Criminals are everywhere and use all kinds of weapons to defend their self instead of learning how to talk to each other as human beings. Disgusting. Hope the victims will be OK and get education to deal with life instead of verbal conflicting and this shooter realizes that his weapon of choice in using a gun only makes him a criminal committing a crime. — Cindy C.

• What kind of worthless pig shoots people at a playground? — Derek Z.

• As I was reading this today I thought of us holding our Bible study there on Sunday morning and then the master’s grill. I realized this is what we are called to do. Reach out into the surrounding community and tell others of God’s saving grace through His Son Jesus. — Susan B.

On a story about the West Virginia University Mountaineers playing the Virginia Tech Hokies in 2021 and 2022:

• I’ll be too old to go — Charlene L.

On a question asking if you have ever visited the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank:

• Took the trip several years ago .... very interesting. Enjoyed it very much — Betty H.

• It would be cool to see more people take an interest in astronomy — Derek Z.

• Yes. Loved it — Bev O.

On a story about an investigation at the Mercer County Fire Board, and East River Volunteer Fire Chief Nelson Short mooning members of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph staff at the courthouse.

• He mooned them? At the courthouse? A grown man mooned them? — Donna M.

• This is uncalled for in the courthouse or anywhere else — Charles B.

• There are seven volunteer members of the fire board, but only five are named? And, I guess Mr. Short will be getting a remedial course from the board on how to conduct himself in public. Was it a full moon or just a half moon? So many questions — Ted L.

• OK. It says he was helping them load boxes. Well if you are helping them load boxes how can you moon someone? — April R.