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March 6, 2013

Dr. Seuss, drugs, snow, shows

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On your favorite children’s author, and your favorite Dr. Seuss story:

• Our favorites are “The Cat in the Hat” and “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” — Donella C.

• Shel Silverstein — Seth A.

• Favorite authors are Ezra Jack Keats and Maurice Sendak and favorite Dr. Seuss book is “Are you my Mother?” — Jay H.

• My favorite Dr. Seuss book is “The Lorax” — Jennifer B.

On a God, guns and guts rally in Beckley, and if you think these are vanishing from the American scene:

• Yes — Karen D.

• First thing to remember is God, guns and guts have totally nothing to do with one another. Best thing to ask yourself is what size gun would Christ own? Think about it — Rick T.

• It has everything to do with one another! That’s part of the problem. Being passive over what is being done to us slowly! — Tina H.

• Man, wouldn’t this country be just awesome if right wing Christians got their way and were able to replace our present republic with their dream theocracy ...? — Joseph L.

• .... the Democrat party is exactly the same way, only they don’t want religion to rule over everyone, they want to rule over everyone themselves ... — Matt H.

On whether juveniles should have to undergo a drug test to obtain a driver’s license:

• No, because you are making them feel like they are to blame for the drugs — Jennie W.

• Yes! I think so, until they are 18 or 21. I have three teen girl drivers ... Mike B.

• I thought Republicans were against a “nanny state government?” Oh wait, it’s a nanny state when it’s keeping businesses from polluting our drinking water, it’s honest concern when it comes to violating our constitutional rights to privacy. My mistake. Carry on violating at least two of the Bill of Rights with a dumb intrusion that will cost taxpayers a fortune, and net almost no actual drug users — Paul P.

• Yes! It will show them driving is a privilege and not a right. Responsible people enjoy the privilege. I think adults should have to do it too! — Robin H.

• Yes! If they’re not doing drugs then there is nothing to worry about! — Mae E.

• We go on and on all the time about cutting needless spending. This is a good example of needless spending — Jamie L.

• Yes and yes again — Judy W.

• It’s unconstitutional! Just because a person is under 18, doesn’t mean they don’t have rights as a U.S. citizen. Also, drug tests are a joke. These pills are killing our region. They can be out of your system in a matter of days and never show up on the tests. All you’re going to do is catch a couple of potheads — Wes L.

• The only way I would agree to this is if they are going to test adults as well. There are far more adult drug users then children and most of the time the child will get into this junk because a parent or adult in their family introduces them to that kind of lifestyle! — Ashley D.

• Absolutely not — Michael W.

• No — Madison O.

• Yes — Shirley D.

• The thing is, I’d say yes but if they’re only going to give it once, it’d be a waste of time, cause they’d just stay clean long enough to pass then if they did use drugs they’d just go back to using after they started driving — Wayne C.

• Only when all elected officials must pass the same test on a regular basis — Matt H.

• OK, this is just getting stupid with the drug tests. What drug testing company has bought politicians? Should you be drug tested before you get your tax refund? Should people wanting to become a citizen be drug tested? Should people buying fast food be drug tested? Give me a break, this drug testing phenomenon is nothing more than a drug testing company making some money — Joe H.

• No! — Nancy B

• Hell no! — Patrick S.

• What would be the point in a one-time test? — Joseph L.

• Yes ... definitely — Debbie H.

• Yes — Angela C.

• Drug testing started the pill problem in West Virginia, and don’t tell me it’s a privilege to drive on roads that I helped pay for — Michael H.

On a story about an approaching snowstorm:

• Yuck — Don Z.

• Noooo... I want spring now — Julie S.

On a story about the outlook for the welfare drug testing bill in the West Virginia Legislature:

• I vote, I’ll vote for the candidate that passes this bill — Greg B.

• You got money for drugs you don’t need welfare. More than likely the welfare is what paid for the drugs — Benita N.

On a poll question asking about the best reality television show:

• Honestly, none of them are good that I’ve seen, they’re too scripted and don’t focus on true reality, only entertainment. If they want it to be true reality why not use hidden cameras. I did, however, love watching “Deadliest Catch!” — Delaney T.

• It’s not a true poll if “Duck Dynasty” isn’t on it — David D.

• “Swamp People” — Diane C.

• I don’t think there are any “reality” shows — Becky A.