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October 4, 2012

Cruelty, foliage, Halloween, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On a story about the director of the Reston Zoo being found guilty of animal cruelty for drowning an injured wallaby, and being sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined more than $1,000:

• This is a good beginning — but this wench should never work around animals or be allowed to share her life with a pet. Evil done to animals is reprehensible — Jonathan S.

• A 30-day sentence is way too short. One to five years would be more appropriate! — Judith L.

On your favorite spot to view fall foliage:

• Pipestem — Larry S.

• Burkes Garden for sure! — Beverly R.

• Graham Recreational Park. So pretty over there — Stefanie B.

• Riding on the highway on I-77, or out in the country on the back roads in West Virginia heading to Maryland. West Virginia is my home but I live in Florida. I have seen it in Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina — beautiful — Judy P.

• Seconding Pipestem! — Brian H.

On a story about the Boy Scouts of America releasing so-called “perversion files” to police after a century of tracking pedophiles:

• So when did the Boy Scouts of America become the police? The FBI? If they had knowledge of a pedophile and did not turn him/her in, isn’t that against the Boy Scouts basic motto, what they are based on? And if other children were molested because they “sat on information,” this isn’t right. Who were they protecting? It’s a cover-up! — Steve B.

• They won’t let gay men become Scout leaders, but they don’t report Scout leaders who sexually abuse Scouts. Doesn’t make sense! — Bill S.

On a poll asking if students in West Virginia should be required to have mandatory vaccinations:

• Yes — Cindy G.

• No, government policies are crossing the boundaries on these types of things — Chris S.

• No. I do understand as a pediatric nurse how important they are but I believe it should be up to the parents what they do to their children not the government — Alicia P.

On a murder suspect admitting to the crime on video:

• What do people get out of killing people? All over drugs — the world is becoming unsafe to live in — Micole B.

On whether Mercer County should move the date of trick-or-treating to avoid a conflict with Wednesday night church services:

• Churches, and then families, can make their own decisions about services and activities that evening. I don’t believe it should be something that concerns the county — Mary P.

• It might be time to drop Halloween door-to-door begging. It’s not safe to trick or treat with so many dopeheads in the county and it’s not safe to open your door in the dark when so many dopeheads are staggering around our county. Give community parties for the children at the school or auditoriums. Every kid gets plenty of safe candy and tons of fun — Joe H.

• You’re only supposed to go to friends and neighbors houses. Responsible parents know that. Government should stay out of it as should the church — Nissa K.

• No — Jason T.

• Ummmm. I always think trick our treating should be on a weekend night. Push it to Friday — Stefanie B.

• You know, holidays are given a certain day on the calendar for a reason. Stop moving it to convenience others. When I was growing up, regardless of the day of the week Halloween fell on, my church would have a fall festival for the kids. All children and their families were welcome. They did, however, request no costumes be worn that represented devils and magic (which wasn’t a problem because there were, and still are, many costumes that were more “appropriate”) — Kelli C.

• Let me say, this decision has nothing to do with church. It has to do with the fact that my boys will be too hyper to bathe and go to bed — Stefanie B.

• Yes ... That’s the problem now with our youth, not enough church — Michele V.

• I don’t think it should be moved just because of church. It should be moved because it’s hard for families to do it on a week day — Chrissy C.

• Yes, it should be on a Friday night or weekend. Not just for church reasons but for the children. This allows them to focus on their homework and school and not what kind of candy they got — Tranessa L.

• OK, folks, let’s quit goofing around here. Halloween isn’t some willy-nilly day you can just shift around if you don’t like that it falls on a Wednesday. It’s not on the last full moon in October, it’s not on the last weekend in October. Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is on Oct. 31. It’s one day before All Saints Day and two days before All Souls’ Day. That’s the way it is. If you knock on my door on Oct. 30, no candy. If you aren’t in a costume, no candy. If you are old enough to have facial hair, no candy. Now, on Oct. 31, my children ... my ex-wife (who, I might add, is flying in from Austin for this holiday), and myself, will be trick-or-treating. If you tell me that the holiday has “been moved” to another, more suitable time for you, then I will super-glue dimes to the keyholes in your car doors. Halloween equals Oct. 31. That’s it. Bottom line. Oh yeah, happy Halloween — Neal V.