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May 6, 2013

’Pike, pit bulls, Plan B, more


On if you have renewed your driver’s license since REAL ID took effect, and what kind of experience you had:

• Just hurry up and take a blood sample and give me a federal I.D. card. Tired of all this post-Patriot Act I.D. silliness — Derek Z.

• If the Mercer County Courthouse would become computerized this would not be such a problem. For those employees to have to pull down a giant hand-written book and look up each person and then type the copy of the certificate on a typewriter in 2013 is ridiculous — Johnny F.

• I had everything it asked for on the paper and went right through and did not have any trouble at all. I was in and out in about 15 minutes — Angela G.

• 911 changed my street address, so I went with everything I could possibly ever need, overkill I thought. No, they wanted my divorce decree from 1982! Luckily, since I had gone back to my maiden name, they settled for my first born child — Donna M.

On a story about a necropsy being performed on the pit bull puppies as part of the investigation into their deaths:

• Good. I hope they find something that can help find the person who did this — Rochelle B.

• Kudos on the proper terminology of an autopsy done on an animal other than a human. I always question the credentials of the reporter who fails to distinguish the two — Lawrence S.

On whether Mercer County should enact a spay-neuter ordinance:

• Yes ... with so many reasons behind it, but a very resounding yes! — Donna M.

• Didn’t people learn from the pit bull ordinance? — Angel H.

• Oh yes. So many puppies being born that are unwanted. I think breeders should be exempt — Della S.

• Only if the spaying and neutering will be of the council itself. I don’t think politicians should breed — Shan C.


On a poll question asking if you agree with the FDA’s decision to let 15 year olds buy the morning-after pill:

• Heck no! Why should my child be allowed to buy the morning-after pill because she was irresponsible (when I don’t think she should even be having sex at 15), when I have to give everything short of a DNA sample to buy cold medicine? — Jaimie D.

• Denying access is not going to keep kids from being irresponsible, or from having sex whether they should or shouldn’t be. But it can help keep a moment of poor decisions from reshaping their entire life — Kayla M.

• They’ve OK’d a lot worse drugs for children much younger ... — Matt H.

• Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? That’s what’s wrong with the world nowadays. If kids don’t want kids, then they shouldn’t be having sex. Period. They shouldn’t be taught that they can do as they please and as long as they take a pill afterward, it will be OK — Jaimie D.

• No! Parents need to teach their children responsibility — Jeanette B.

• Kids are going to have sex, no matter what they are taught. It is better that she buys the pill than to become pregnant and need an abortion. Also better than those of us who work having to help pay for a child that she can’t afford. If she can have a learning permit to drive, she can purchase a safe drug which is not a narcotic — Matt U.

• No, they need to learn protection not Plan B. Plan B does not protect your young child from STDs — Benita N.

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