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August 27, 2012

Funding, Akin, ‘H’ bomb, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week.

On our national parks getting run down due to lack of funding, and whether funding should be increased or not:

• No — funding should not be increased. We clearly cannot afford it, and maybe the supporters of the current administration need to see the fruits of their supposed labor. No matter the spin, four years is long enough to start a turnaround — and that ain’t happening —  Rebecca L.

• Seems like good jobs for welfare recipients and young people who are “bored and have nothing to do” —  Kim P.

• In short, yes! Fund cleanup and repair for the few areas we Americans have set aside to remember what a great and beautiful natural world we once had and have now all but destroyed — Jonathan S.

On a poll question asking whether Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., should resign over his “legitimate rape” comment:

• You didn’t have a selection for: ‘”That’s up to the residents of Missouri.” Having him resign may not be worth the effort of special election — Bridgett J.

• That man is an idiot and he should resign! — Angela G.

• Should being ignorant, stupid and proud of it be means for someone to step down from Congress? I doubt if we’d have a Congress if all the blithering morons stepped down today. We’d have what ... 17 members of Congress left? — Joe H.

• Absolutely — Michael W.

• No, everybody has a right to an opinion. People this is a sideshow pushed by extreme liberal media to take away the real problem and what we have in the White House. Get rid of Obama. He is a worm inside killing this country — Derek K.

• If we are going to kick him out then what about Charlie Rangel who is undoubtedly corrupt? Or Maxine Waters who has been under corruption charges for a while now? There is a culture of corruption in Washington, and although this guy said something stupid he is by no means the worst of the scum — Dean V.

• People have every right to their own opinions, but they can not have their own “facts” — Susie M.

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