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February 25, 2013

Pets, property, pregnancy, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Mercer parents not being allowed to pick up children during the last 30 minutes of school:

• I don’t care who the heck you think you are, they are my kids. They aren’t property of the Mercer Board of Education ... Sorry, but this policy puts the rights of the school, and the government, above the natural rights of the parent — Neal V.

• Kids should be able to concentrate on their entire day of studies, not distracted during the last half hour of the day by parents who just want to “beat the bus” ... — Michael W.

• My daughter had a doctor’s appointment. I made it later in the day so she would not miss a lot of her classes. I was told I could not sign her out! That’s just wrong on all levels! If parents are signing them out to beat the bus, OK, that’s wrong. But a doctor’s appointment? Please! — Mae E.

• My kids are in Tazewell County, but I dare someone to say I can’t go get my kids. Last time I checked I gave birth to them. What are they gonna do, really? Hold them hostage people? — Alicia P.

• I don’t have an issue with the policy. Teachers have so much information to relay to our children in a short amount of time including right up to the last minute of the day. It’s hard enough to keep them on task without interruptions ... — Nancy B.

On a poll question asking if you have ever adopted an animal from a shelter:

• Sad that only 25 percent of votes show that they have. I have two great dogs, both adopted from my local shelter — Michael F.

• It’s hard to believe the shelter is not the first place to consider when wanting a pet!? — Lisha R.

• I agree. I got a cat from the shelter and it was a wonderful cat. They have a lot of animals that need good homes — Tina R.

• I adopted one of my dogs from the Mercer County Animal Shelter. No regrets, he is the best dog and so gentle. Animals in shelters need love and homes too — Tessa A.

• I have adopted two animals from the shelter. One for myself and one as a gift. Both turned out great. Why add to the over population when you can save an animal from dying? — Chrissy C.

• Both my fur kids came from pound. Best thing I ever did — Louetta W.

On a column by Charles Owens about how a little common sense could right obvious wrongs:

• One of the best editorials that the BDT has ever printed, but unfortunately Bluefield leaders will take no notice — Bill S.

On the controversy surrounding the demolition of the historic Johnston House in Princeton, and your views on property owner rights versus historic values:

• I think historic value should mean more. You shouldn’t buy a property with historic significance if you can’t keep it maintained. I really hope they can save it. The owner walked me through it one time and I would have loved to been able to buy it. It really could be a beautiful home once again — Chris J.

• Learn from Bluefield ... That town has become a parking lot. Princeton should keep the Johnston House — Sherry K.

• It’s his/her property. Plus not only would Princeton have to buy it, but then they would have to renovate. Does Princeton have the extra money just laying around? If the owner wants to tear it down let him — Heather P.

• Is there a historical society in Princeton? I understand and believe that if this is privately owned that the property owner has every right to do as he wishes. But if there is anyway the community can come together and save it, I think that would be the optimum solution — Sherry K.

• ... To suggest the city buy it is insane; they are still begging for funds to stop the Stafford Drive flooding, yet they are investing millions in an old bank building for a new city hall. An old bank building that a “thriving” college wanted to buy I might add! Go figure — Johnnie S.

On a poll question asking if you agree with the decision by school officials in Tazewell County to ban tobacco usage at schools and school related facilities, including Mitchell Stadium:

• Yes, I agree — Stephanie D.

• I mostly agree. However, I’m not sure they really have the right to dictate anything at Mitchell Stadium, but it’s mostly a non-smoking facility anyway — Angela S.

• Absolutely. Why is there even a question? — Rob B.

• I agree, but who or how will it be enforced? Tobacco use is already banned on McDowell County school grounds and smokers still smoke right outside the doors going to the gym and they smoke outside the fence going to the parking lot at the stadium ... — LouVinia C.

On whether West Virginia’s welfare system inspires pregnancy in teen girls:

• Yes, yes, yes, yes — Matt C.

• I believe their parents inspired them. We are now into generations of families on welfare now — Chrissy C.

• Nope, it hasn’t. TV, clothing, the media have all done their best to turn teenagers into little sex monsters ... — January S.

• There are plenty of well-to-do people’s kids having kids also. The welfare system may encourage it for a certain demographic, but that’s not the only demographic experiencing it. There is no one thing to blame ... — Jamie L.

On a story about a man who says he captured an image of two bigfoot-like creatures in Texas, and if you think it’s fact or fiction:

• Fact: A man thinks he saw something. Fiction: It’s a bigfoot — Joe H.