Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV


October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm, Halloween, more


On a story about another business leaving the city of Bluefield for the neighboring town of Bluefield, Va.:

• A business leaving Bluefield? (Feigned shock.) I mourn for the passing of my birthplace — Jeff M.

On a plan by the city of Bluefield to rezone sections of College Avenue:

• I think this will help with the problems on College Avenue but I believe I read that this only applies to future multi-family homes. College Avenue used to be nice, clean and family friendly. Now it looks run down and people just hang outside for hours and wait for their drug connections to show up — Chrissy C.

• It used to look nice during the summer. It’s an eyesore. Good job to the city. Let’s clean it all up. Maybe we can get our grocery store back on Cumberland — Derek K.

On the Bluefield Daily Telegraph’s endorsement of Democrat Joe Manchin for re-election:

• He voted with Obama 85 percent of the time. He also received a 100 percent pro-abortion rate from NARAL. What a man! — Lecia S.

• I did not know my man was in town. I saw Gayle was in Welch — Esther B.

On a poll question asking if people should be allowed to own exotic pets:

• No. [It] should not be allowed. Look at how many idiots that have been strangled by their pet python, etc. — Dale H.

• Heck no! That’s why they are exotic and wild! Leave them in their own environment to live! —Louanna A.

On the Bluefield High School band boosters concession stand being robbed at Mitchell Stadium:

• Nothing angers me more than to see kids as victims. Horrible — Lynn C.

• Shame on those responsible for doing that! — Karen S.


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