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October 12, 2012

Big Bird, bears, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether public broadcasting should be funded with tax dollars, and what you think of Big Bird’s appearance in the presidential campaign?

• No! They are making millions of dollars and they are a non-profit organization. What do they need with $400-plus million of the taxpayers’ money? Somebody is definitely profiting — Pam H.

• No. They should not be funded by taxpayer money. They should be self supporting and fund themselves — John C.

• Who needs Big Bird to teach our kids? We got Honey Boo Boo. “Who wants Sketti and Butter?” — Jamie L.

• Don’t the candidates have more pressing issues to talk about instead of Big Bird? — Angela A.

• If PBS is truly “for viewers like you,” then “you” should be donating money of your own free will to view it — Emma B.

• Is Mitt under that Big Bird suit? — Rusty H.

• They have telethons to raise their own money. Only 4 percent of their funding comes from government assistance. I highly doubt we’re borrowing money from China for 4 percent — Michelle L.

• Who cares about Big Bird? We need Romney for president! Hopefully, a great leader of our country — Linda C.

• No. They have fundraisers that get money to keep it funded. If people want to watch it they will pay for it. My question would be why such the big issue about Big Bird? Why is the government not worried about the four Americans that were killed by terrorists? I think there are far more pressing issues than Big Bird! Terrorist activity, unemployment, economy, the direction of our future are a little more important right now than whether or not Big Bird gets seen — Tranessa L.

• I say no! — Phyllis D.

• Big Bird becomes an issue when the left wants you to forget about all of those other things. It’s the classic “What about the children scenario.” You don’t what your kids to do without Big Bird because of that evil Mitt Romney do you? Vote Obama. When you really don’t have a message to counter your opponent you start making an issue about unimportant things to distract “duh” masses ... — Joseph L.

• I think we have more important things to worry about than Big Bird. I am more worried about funding education. Parents can teach their children their ABC’s — Diane L.

• Just goes to show what people will do at election time for a vote. Big Bird is for children’s pleasure only! — Brenda M.

• Androgynous Big Bird does not need my tax dollars — Richard M.

• When PBS critics say that PBS has a liberal agenda I wish they would cite programs that support this claim. All I’ve seen/read is their claim that PBS has a liberal slant but no specifics — sort of like their presidential candidate on what exactly he’d do if he won — Bill S.

On a story about a black bear boom, and whether you’ve seen any bears:

• A friend just showed me pics he took of a big one at Browns Creek at north Welch and another friend says they have them bad at Kimball at Starland Heights Apartments — Crystal B.

• I had one right below my house on the side of the road (definitely something wrong with it). I live in Narrows and this past weekend we were going across Cloyds Mountain, and there was a beautiful one sitting up on the side of the mountain. It was just sitting there like it was watching traffic. I wish I could have gotten a picture because it was definitely picture perfect :)smile — Misty C.

• Yea, down in Ada. A bear killed a dog just above my mom’s place. I saw it twice after that — James C.

On a poll question asking how you prefer to get your caffeine:

• Injection ... ha, ha ... hook the coffee pot up to an IV — George S.

• Coffee, hands down! — Latha K.

On a poll question asking how much of an influence the vice presidential candidate is when casting your vote for president:

• Well, it should have an influence on you. Get involved with what’s going on in this world — don’t just sit back and take it! — Barbara S.

On a story about a bizarre hammer attack in West Virginia that left two dead:

• Damn, he really wanted that guy dead. Shesh, what’s up with all the West Virginians these days? It’s like every other day there is another murder. Is it something in the water? — Amanda S.

• Is it something in the water? Yes, it’s alcohol, OxyContin and meth — Doug C.