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October 11, 2012

Insect eating; more on Halloween

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about a Virginia trooper who died after being hit by a SUV:

• Prayers for his family — Lena H.

• Prayers for his wife and family — Deborah T.

• Sad. Hope they charged the person who hit him. There’s no sense in that — Alicia P.

On a story about the Mercer County Commission moving the trick-or-treat date to Oct. 30 to avoid conflict with church services:

• Dear Mercer County Commissioners: You do not set dates for Halloween. That was set long ago, as a celebration of the eve of All Saints Day. Mike V., I think you are a good and decent man, but I really think this was the wrong move. Where was the input of the community? I wish the BDT would have maybe mentioned who proposed this matter and which commissioners voted for and who was opposed. This might give the voters some idea of which (insert your own words here) we have elected to make such a stupid vote leading to this decision. Rather than try to move an event that was set thousands of years ago, maybe the churches that have Wednesday night services could have moved their gatherings to Thursday, when “some” churches will be holding services to remember the deceased on All Saints Day ... Next year Halloween falls on Thursday. Will we move trick or treat or move the middle school/junior high football games? — Cindy M.

• Halloween has always been and will continue to be Oct. 31. Nothing that the Mercer County Commission says or does can change that —  Mark C

• This is so bizarre —  Jayme C.

• ... do you not realize this country was founded on God. I hope anyone that makes the comment that church service should be closed all together and propaganda like that likes loads of heat and is ready for Judgment Day from our Lord Jesus Christ —  Delta F.

• Ditto to Delta ... Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus ... Tina S.

• It does not make sense how a guy that lost the election when more than 1,700 hundred people voted against him can change the date of Halloween. Only in West Virginia — Robert H.

• Absolutely ridiculous. Like I said before, if church is important to you then go to church. If church is not important to you then go trick or treating or do whatever else it is that you want to do on Halloween. Government needs to stay out of holidays. I guess next they will move Thanksgiving to Friday so it will be more convenient? — Susan B.

• ... Instead of doing something useful and constructive and addressing many of the problems in this county they are absorbed in changing a calendar holiday date in place for centuries for a few “whiners” —  Charles B.

• Why don’t you guys leave the holidays alone, changing the days are a bunch of crap. We, the public, need a new commission, and a new city board — Marshall M.

• OK, what are you going to change next — Christmas — Dick J.

• If changing the date of trick or treat is the only thing that this county or country had to worry about then we would all be happy and less stressed. I, personally, am worried about people getting laid off, businesses moving out of the county, and basically the upcoming election and the outcome of that. I think the Mercer County Commission was just trying to be respectful of churches and their Wednesday night services. No matter what the decision, someone would not be happy —  Dona C.

• I really don’t care if you go to church or not, maybe you can come by my house and explain your stupidity to my children, after all, it is all about the kids ... right? — Kristen S.

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