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October 14, 2013

Testing, texting, mascot, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On how you feel about public schools drug testing students:

• I’m fine with it — Heather P.

• As a parent, do it! — Greg B.

• I’d have to know what happens if a kid fails the test to form an opinion, as well as what kind of follow-up is done. Urine drug tests can easily come up with a false positive — Jadzia N.

• If they are going to test all should be included, not just those doing extracurricular — Ed M.

• I agree ... all students should be subjected to the testing, but as a parent, I would also want to be notified — Teresa D.

• I say test the teachers and staff members too — Madison O.

• I wonder what that will cost and who’s gonna pay for that? — Dave H.

• It’s OK with me! Just so everyone in school gets tested. — Jerry W.

• I say test the parents too — Jason U.

• If you can’t pass a drug test kick them out. If I fail one I lose my job. To me this is a valuable educational tool for the real world ... — Timothy B.

• Let’s penalize the students and invade their rights while we let adults go on every day committing illegal drug abuse and prescription drug abuse and committing crimes first. What sense does that make? We go after the students but do nothing to criminal adults ... — Cindy C.

On a poll question asking when you will start Christmas shopping:

• Already started, will be done hopefully by the middle of November — Sue M.

• Half done :) Janine B.

On the arrest of a correctional officer for allowing unauthorized items into the county jail:

• Wow — released on $500 bond — Jennifer M.

• Laugh at $500 bond. If somebody off the streets tried to take, and I quote, “unauthorized things into the jail,” what would they do to them? — Jenni G.

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