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August 18, 2013

Wine, clown, corruption, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether a rodeo clown, dressed in an Obama mask, went too far in poking fun at President Obama, and a video of the event:

• Why no, we as a country have always made fun of our presidents. Lighten up! He needs made fun of! LOL — Cy G.

• Absolutely not. We still have freedom of speech. This video just doesn’t paint the picture that Americans are in love with Obama like mainstream media would have us to believe — Renee B.

• Lord no! Less tyrant, more president! — Todd S.

• Would a sign on a George Bush clown saying “AWOL from the Air National Guard” be appropriate? — Bill S.

• Poor taste, low class — Susan A.

• Nobody said liberals were perfect, but the other guys are insane. :) Derek Z.

• No, he didn’t go too far. Presidents have always been the butt of jokes and that is what this was. People need to lighten up and get a sense of humor. It’s no different than if he had on a Carter, Reagan or Clinton mask ... — Kaye L.

• To say his name over and over to incite hatred and violence is an act of violence against the president. Whether or not you agree with his politics, the president deserves more respect than to be “run over by a bull” ... Bev O.

• Making fun of anyone is very disgusting? People who do should take a good look in a mirror! — Lucrettia E.

• It was fabulous — Heather J.

• Love it, LOL ... — Keith M.

• Words can’t describe how much I disagree with the president and everything he stands for. Having said that, I really wish we would respect the office of the presidency much more than we do today ... — Sam B.

• Isn’t every U.S. president poked fun at in some way, shape or form? The media should stop making everything about race! — Bobbi B.

• Two wrongs don’t make a right but Obama has done far worse to this country — Angela G.

On a story about Virginia wine sales breaking a record:

• OK, I’ll admit it ... It’s me, LOL — Angel F.

• Doin’ my part for the great Commonwealth! — Bob B.

On whether prison guards and other personnel should be informed of inmates’ health statuses, particularly in the instance of infectious diseases:

• For sure — Gwenda A.

• Yes, absolutely — Angela G.

• ... There’s no reason whatsoever to spread that information around — HIV is only transmissible through blood-to-blood contact ... — Matt S.

• Of course they should be told — Mary M.

• Yes, they should — Clint S.

• I think prisoners have lost their privacy while in prison. If any of them have a contagious disease, it is a good idea to be informed ... — Karen S.

• As a health care worker we have the right to know, therefore I think they have a right to know! In both instances, people are being taken care of — Delta F.

• Due to the nature of the job itself, yes they should know. But they should also be held to the same confidentiality as health care professionals ... — Tranessa L.

• Speaking as a nurse, my impulse would be to say yes, but ... nobody outside that clinic has any need for that information ... — Joyce F.

On your all-time favorite talk-show host:

• Ellen! — Margaret D.

• Regis — Greg H.

• Morton Downey Jr. — Eric J.

• Johnny Carson! — Mark B.

• Yes, Johnny for sure! — Brian W.

On a poll question asking how widespread corruption is in West Virginia’s legal system:

• Very — Jacc N.

• Very much so! — Cindy G.

• All of them are corrupt. All! — Bev O.

• I’m from there, but corruption is everywhere! — Steve U.

• Very, very much! — Delta F.

On a story about a missing dog found up a tree:

• Laddy was determined to catch him a squirrel! I’m glad he got to go back home safe and sound — Mike W.

• The real story: Raccoons strike back ... dog gets treed — Joseph L.