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February 24, 2014

Sudafed, Sunday hunting, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the shopping activity of customers being tracked by their smartphones.

• Who cares? They gonna do what they want anyway ... with or without permission — Greg B.

• Yep. Everything this country does is an invasion of privacy on most levels. Our government is horrible! We hardly have any rights it seems like any more — Joy C.

• Irony — most people believe it is an invasion of privacy, but those same people continue to carry their phones. If we don't like what is going on with phone tracking and such, turn the phone off, cancel the contract and live like it's the 80s. But that's not going to happen.... — Samuel B.

• Seems like everyone is tracking everything anymore. Darn smartphones! — Janine B.


On a story about the selection of Charles Poe to fill a magistrate court vacancy in Mercer County.

• Good choice. — Bill S.

On a story about parole being denied for a Bluefield woman who fatally stabbed her father 107 times.

• I knew she would be denied. Rightfully so — Brian M.

• Sometimes we don't know the whole story behind these kinds of crimes. However given the fact that it was 107 stab wounds it is obvious that this young woman has some rage issues and should never be turned loose to roam freely again — Pam J.

• Who puts someone on house arrest that stabbed someone 107 times anyway? And no bond to some who sold drugs ? Hmmm Neither are right. Just a bit disproportioned — Crystal H.

On a story about health officials shutting down a Mingo County Pizza Hut after a district manager was caught on surveillance video urinating into a sink.

• That wasn't some teenager doing that. It was a district manager. Someone who makes a lot of money — Joe H.

• That is disgusting! — Dianna O.

• Sick! Just absolutely sick — Shana F.

• What the hell? I've worked under a couple local general managers who make around $750 to $850 a week just at the restaurant and you're talking about a district manager who was probably over anywhere from three to 10 restaurants in West Virginia and maybe even Kentucky. How did this guy get in charge and again, what the hell? He had to be making decent money to do that job. — Natasha C.

• Nasty — Rebecca L.

On a poll question asking if you agree with the vote by lawmakers in the West Virginia Senate to make pseudoephedrine products — the most common ingredient in cold and allegery medication — prescription only?

• Most people buying these products are using them for sinus problems/allergies and not meth making — Julie D.

• As a medical professional, I think that making the drug a Rx only would not be the best way to solve the current problem. The drug could be dispensed using a signature, verified by a picture ID, the purchase entered into a database to monitor purchases. Maybe more research by the appropriate agencies could produce a solution to the problem without such drastic measures. A knee-jerk reaction is not the answer — William P.

• What a dumb, dumb, dumb idea — Tim B.

On a story about a move in Virginia to make Sunday hunting legal.

• Why not? You need food on your table every day of the week. People have forgotten we are hunters and gatherers — Joshua H.

• Why is Sunday so sacred? — Robert R.

• Sunday is the Lord's Day. Going to your place of worship is very important. Will this keep people from going to church? — Carol R.

• I think it should be OK to hunt anytime if people need to eat — Keri M.

• Sure. Let them hunt Sundays. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's during a hunting season! — Dave H.

On a comical story about Punxsutawney Phil being arrested for excessive winter.

• Let Phil go! — Robbie S.

• Let’s string him up to the nearest lightpole — Thomas H.