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October 7, 2013

Shutdown, vandals, artists, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a Dear Abby question asking if it is acceptable to ask for a doggie bag after an elegant dinner in a friend’s home:

• Living in the time of political correctness, why is this still a doggie bag? — Jerry W.

• I think if a person is a guest in someone’s home, they should not ask for a doggie bag to take home any leftovers — Karen S.

• I would take it as a compliment! — Stephanie J.

• If they ask me I would consider it a compliment. But my husband disagrees, he says he fixed them a dinner and they should be happy with that — Pandora G.

• I see nothing wrong in it. Our friends are family — Laura C.

• If your host offers it, it’s OK. Otherwise no — Bill S.

On who voters will blame for another government shutdown:

• I blame the people who voted these idiots into office. They’re all clueless! — Becky G.

• Plain fact: The Affordable Care Act became the law of the land with the approval of Congress. Now the GOP-led House wants to circumvent it through underhanded means. And in what’s blatant hypocrisy, the entire debt ceiling debate is stupid in that it’s to pay for spending already authorized by Congress, which of course includes the Republican side — Donald Z.

On a story about vandalism at a Mercer County youth center:

• When they catch them they should make them scrub it all off with a toothbrush! — Dave H.

• This is why we can’t have nice things — Joseph L.

On a McDowell County man charged with 20 counts of possession of child pornography:

• That is a shame — Mae M.

• Sick! — Janine B.

On a slideshow of the new “Artists Alley” on Mercer Street:

• Love the pictures! And the murals are even better in person — Dave H.

• How wonderful to have such devoted artists to spend their time helping our city to look its best! Thanks to all of you for your help! — Sue F.

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