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September 10, 2012

Surgery, drugs, Drew Peterson, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about low scores giving Bluefield Intermediate parents the option of transferring students:

• If the scores are that low is the reflection on the teachers or the students? How will moving the students help? Do they need to test the teachers or replace the teachers? I do not understand why the students should be moved — Charlene L.

• I don’t understand how the whole school could have below standard scores for two years in a row! This should have been investigated further during the first year of failure. Before the kids are moved, the teachers hired there need to be checked out first to make sure the problem isn’t with them ... — Karen S.

On a poll question asking if you agree with the decision of a Massachusetts judge who ordered prison officials provide sex-reassignment surgery for a murder convict:

• No, I do not! — Pam B.

• What a waste of taxpayers’ dollars — Beverly S.

• I support forced gender reassignment surgery for sex offenders, but not murderers — Josh S.

• What’s next? Fake breasts for female inmates because they have low self esteem? — Chrissy C.

• No! Taxpayers are required to provide health care not elective surgery for prisoners — Bridgett J.

• No, I don’t agree, not for someone that is in prison. And if they want to kill themselves for not getting a sex change, then honey let them. I think they should be put to death anyway, and not wait 20 years to do it — the ones that commit murder and rape — Cindy G.

• Wow! I don’t agree with this at all! — Teri B.

• If they want a sex change, so be it, but not at the taxpayers’ expense. Jeez — Heather P.

• ... Why should taxpayers pay for something like this? It cost enough to keep murderers alive, let alone an operation like this. And what good would it do him? — Della S.

• This is just wrong. I can’t even afford to go to a doctor, much less allowing prisoners to have surgeries like this. What kind of message does this send — go get in trouble and go to jail and you can get your sex change or whatever? Sad! — Tranessa L.

• What’s wrong with this country? Why should taxpayers pay for his choice? — Debbie M.

• What? For real? Taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for something so stupid! If that’s the case people should go to prison to get free plastic surgery. I need bigger (word deleted). Maybe I should rob a store. Not! — Alicia P.

• It is because of laws and judges like this that we create criminals in America and do not protect the innocent ... This is sending the message now that if you want medical coverage and elective surgeries then go to jail — America will pay for you to be whatever you want when you go to jail. This is sick, sad and the most stupid decision I have ever heard of to be legally justified and paid for by America. Shame on anyone who supports stupidity and ignorance like this and has no real insight on the problems they are creating. Sex reassignment surgery is a personal choice not a public debate or public decision and should not be a public sponsored surgery either :( Cynthia C.  

• Crazy — Sunshine G.

• They’re stupid idiots — Jim M.

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