Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 14, 2013

Pit bull controversy in Bluefield

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a proposed pit bull ban in the city limits of Bluefield:

• Why ban an entire breed of dog for the acts of a few irresponsible owners? — April L.

• If people are not following the law on the ownership of pit bulls then fine the people. Do not ban a breed because of irresponsible owners. There are a lot of good dogs out there and it’s not their fault people are irresponsible. And people who want mean dogs can make any dog that way — Patty H.

• This is unbelievable. I live for the day that people are educated enough to realize it’s not the breed — Cheryl Y.

• I agree they need to meet the pit before they judge. I mean look at Faith and we have came with her — just a loving dog who wants to love and be very loyal to us — Lundy S.

• This is really messed up ... — Jenifer B.

• Once again government saving us from ourselves because they know we aren’t capable of thinking on our own. If you own an AR-15 it is just as dangerous as a crackpot owning one and if someone else has a pit bull that bites then yours is just as bad — Eric J.

• I’m not a dog owner but this is a load of crap! Need to deal with all the hookers ! Leave the dogs alone — Brandon J.

• I think it is good pit bulls are not welcomed. They are not good dogs. They hurt people to — Jim S.

• Pretty silly. Let’s ban druggies and welfare babies from bluefield. I mean seriously drive down college avenue and you might see one pit bull, but you always see a (group) of men just walking around with no purpose — Chrissy C.

• I love my pit, my pit loves my 2-month old daughter and guards her while she is sleeping. I’m glad I live far removed from the city limits. I feel sorry for those folks whom have these dogs. Give them a good home and good training — Kelly S.

• Pit bulls don’t hurt anymore people than other breeds! They just put them out there and not the others. It is all in how a dog is treated and raised. Any dog that is raised to be aggressive will be aggressive. I love my pit bull! She is a big baby. The only time that she even barks or growls is when someone is around that she knows doesn’t belong. It really makes me mad that they want to talk crap about the breed — Laura R.

• The city is to busy giving out parking tickets on Bland Street to enforce other laws — Debbie H.

• I think they should do something about the crack heads , hookers and thieves and leave the dogs alone ... — Jesse H.

• Just another small step to show how our government and politicians are telling us what to do more and more all the time. Communism is what it is. It’s all about how you raise them. I’ve owned pits before and they are the biggest babies. You can take any dog and feed it is gun powder and raw meat and make it mean. I could see stricter leash laws, but this is ignorance — Eric L.

• This is insane ... let’s ban politicians instead. It would be much more productive as they are 10 times deadlier — Shan C.

• This is seriously disgusting and disturbing! Who came up with this idea and what kind of uneducated person is this? And what kind of leaders would uphold such an ignorant law? Makes me sick to be from Mercer County! Shame on you closed-minded people running our public offices! — Melissa A.

• It really is just time to send the board home, and re-elect people for the people ... City board why not tackle problems like Bluefield’s economy and like getting new owners in to take advantage of exit 1 at I-77. Really when has this breed caused a problem here? — Robert S.

• They should all be locked up somewhere away from people. They are dangerous. My kids come before a stupid dog anyway. The way people have been talking last week all they care about is a dog. Not once have I heard them say anything about their kids. — Barbara S.

• Ignorance at its best is what we have here — Amy H.

• Seems to me the city of Bluefield has more important things to worry about than banning a breed of dog. How about bringing jobs to your fine city? Get your buns out of an office and walk around town. There is plenty that could be “fixed” there. Leave the poor defenseless animals alone. If you have a problem with an aggressive dog go after the owner. I delivered mail there years ago and the most aggressive dogs I encountered were cocker spaniels. — Perisa H.

• First it was the birds and now dogs. Did all of the criminals leave? So now they have to start on animals ... — Rachel L.