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April 8, 2013

Tolls, tragedy, punishment, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the economic impact of the new dental school in Tazewell County:

• This is neat. Glad to see some useful schooling brought to the area. I hope people get interested in this and try to help it grow — Derek Z.

On a story about the shooting death of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum:

• Really sad to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, Mingo County Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement throughout the great state of West Virginia — Matt U.

• The world is getting crazy. Prayers for the family :-( Kelly H.

• Very sad news indeed! — Shirley G.

• Death penalty — Robert F.

• West Virginia is losing the war on drugs. This poor man died fighting that battle — Chrissy C.

• How horrible. People of the world have gone mad — Rebecca L.

On a bill to remove turnpike tolls passing the West Virginia House of Delegates:

• Yay! — Sharon C.

• The only reason to dismantle the program is to raise taxes. Look out West Virginia! — Susan Y.

• I’ll believe it when I see it! — Misty F.

• Those toll booths could “relocate” to the northern part of the state — Billie C.

On new threats by North Korea:

• God bless the USA — Karen P.

• Maybe they need to take a look at the Hiroshima incident — Roger F.

• Send Obama’s drone in to take care of Kim Jong Un. Done! — Sherry S.

• If North Korea had oil we would have invaded and toppled the government by now. :-D Don Z.

On your favorite late-night host:

• Jay Leno — Glen H.

• Jay — Brian W.

• Johnny Carson is the only King of Late, Late Night, but of the current ones Jimmy Kimmel is the best — Joe H.

• Jay Leno is trash to my family. I can’t stand him and can’t wait for him to go away! He hates West Virginia so why would anyone in West Virginia like him? — Bev O.

On a story about the suspect in the Mingo sheriff shooting being charged:

• He’s not worth a comment ... but if I were to comment, I’d say hang his a** — Deb C.

• Good — convict him quickly them hang him! Do not let this scum cost the state of West Virginia one more dime than it takes to pursue his right to a speedy trial, conviction, then carry out death penalty — Scott B.

• When he was shot it should have killed him — Micole B.

• Tell me again why there is no longer a death penalty in West Virginia? — Drema A.

• These nuts don’t care to kill because they will get free everything in prison, for what little time they are sentenced — Christine D.

• West Virginia has no death penalty, but the feds do. Perhaps he broke some federal crime maybe? — Chuck W.

On a story about President Obama returning 5 percent of his salary to the Treasury:

• Oh don’t let him fool you, he knows his other policies are tanking and his approval rating is taking a beating and he has the gun control vote coming up so he is trying to look good for public relations ... — Clinton W.

• Cut all of their pay 50 percent and see what happens. Things would look much, much different — David D.

• Mr. Obama’s action is a great example of top down management and fiscal maintenance — Taya W.

• No, Mr. Obama’s action is a great example of political maneuvering to keep the public from realizing that he is just as much to blame for the sequester as Congress ... — Joseph L.

• Symbolism over substance ... — Paul D.

• There’s just no pleasing some people — Derek Z.

On a story about a Mercer County man pleading guilty to first-degree sexual assault involving an 11-year-old juvenile:

• Maggot! — Jackie M.

• They should give pedophiles life, start making a few examples, and I bet we wouldn’t see it so much — Eric L.

• Deserves to be executed. So should all convicted rapists — Petey P.

• Totally disgusting. Whatever his sentence, it’s not enough — Bd H.

On what you think of the actions of the Rutgers University basketball coach who was physically and verbally abusive to players:

• This went on way too long ... — Robert F.

• These kids signed up for a rough sport, they’re being shoved through college to stay in the sport, they should be able to take a little abuse — Derek Z.

• Verbal abuse is one thing! Putting your hands on a player is another! They didn’t sign on for physical abuse and shouldn’t have to put up with it ... — Roger E.

• With coaches like this I am surprised there are still players. Hopefully this will stop all the abuse. We are hearing just too much of this from everywhere ... — Liz R.