Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 31, 2014

Schools, unions, mysteries, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On what attraction you would like to see locally:

• It is crazy how proactive Princeton and Bluefield, Va., is with businesses. Bluefield could utilize the 1st exit off I-77 and have a gold mine. There is nothing from Wytheville, Va., to Princeton, W. Va. A lot of money drives by our town ... even small Bluefield, Va., has a Wal-Mart ... — Robert S.

• Chuck E. Cheese’s would be nice. IHOP. — Robin S.

• Promote and support small local businesses. If a place is known for unique small local businesses that attracts people more money stays in the community. — Dave H.

• Would love to have an Italian Bakery. An Indoor water park would be great! Chuck E. Cheese’s, Target, Ross's , IHOP, Barnes and Nobles, Red Lobster for starters. There is nowhere from Beckley to Bristol. — Lina A.

On getting a tattoo to represent your region or state:

• I have a Power T on my lower back for the Tennessee Vols. — Kari C.

• I have the flying WV on my shoulder. — Carl S.

• I have a Flying WV on my chest, 304 on my forearm, state outline on my back. So  yes, I’d say I would get a tattoo representing my state. — Jeremy B.

• I don’t like them. — Angie C.

• I’m from Tazewell and in 2007, I got a Tazewell Bulldog tattoo on my right forearm. — Christy R.

•  I have a coal miner’s daughter tattoo with the outline of W.Va. on my left shoulder blade in remembrance of my daddy, a W.Va. coal miner. — Sandy L.

• I love my tattoos and plan to get more. One of which will represent W.Va.! — Jess W.

On the greatest unsolved mysteries:

• Stonehenge — Patricia D.

• Why people thought Jay Leno was funny. — Joe H.

• Hoffa — Donna G.

• Amelia Earhart — Tiffany L.

On the distraction of political signs on the road:

• They should only be allowed to put up those things one month before the election and they should be only allowed three days to take them down after the election — Joe H.

• I agree 100 percent. They make the area look trashy and sometimes it is months after elections are over and there are still signs up ... Amanda C.

• Whomever puts those signs up should be whacked with them if they don’t pick them back up. It is littering. — Bev O.

On a decision allowing Northwestern Football players to unionize:

• College’s charge them money for tuition, charges fans, makes crazy money off NCAA jersey memorabilia, just like a business that gets away with child labor laws. — Robert S.

• Bargaining could be a great thing. It could do away with leaving early for the pros and transferring. — Cathy M.

On a Mercer County man sentenced to life for murder:

• Should have been no mercy. — Samantha K.

• Innocent — Delta F.

On a Mercer County woman sentenced to life for murder:

• Age 23 and life to go. Shame on her. — Michael D.

• Eligible for parole in 30 years or so. Local courts don’t seem to much value the lives of the victims. — Donald X.

On satellite data indicating the missing Malaysia plane crashed in the ocean:

• I would need more than a little debris to prove that. — Darlene F.

• Does anyone else think this sounds like the TV show “Lost?” I feel sad for all the family members. But I would want more proof and to know why they didn’t find it sooner. — Bev O.

On a woman walking into a Mercer County School to sell drugs:

• Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me at all. There is zero security when picking up my middle school child ... aside from some hokie traffic guard wanna be who steps in front of moving vehicles while telling them to keep coming. — Tara M.

• The sad thing is she’ll get more time than the pervert will for taking advantage of kids out there. — Alex M.

• This is absurd. — Cathy N.

•  Could have been a lot worse if it had been a gun ... God keep your hand upon our children. — Peggy F.