Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

August 26, 2013

Patrols needed on many roads

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department closely monitoring U.S. Route 52 traffic, and if there are any other roads or areas you would like to see police patrol more:

• Yes, not in Mercer County but in Tazewell County — Pam B.

• Montcalm — Pamela B.

• Union Street — Charlene L.

• Stay in Brushfork, I love it! — Donna M.

• Perdue Hollow, these ATVs are out of control — Frankie W.

• Keep up those prostitution stings on Mercer Street! Keep it safe and clean — Mike W.

• Stoney Ridge in Brushfork — ATVs, just like Perdue Hollow — Kimberly R.

• College Avenue! Mercy, mercy... What a mess! — Joanne W.

• College Avenue and Ferndell Avenue! My street has turned into a race track since it is the only cross street between College and Stadium :/ Mandy B.

• Glad to see extra patrols on Route 52. So many people acting crazy — Jenni G.

• North Street — Kelli P.

• East Cumberland Road ... And really all the streets in the city of Bluefield. A lot of drugs and crime. Every day or so someone gets shot — Cy G.

• Interstate 77 (other than in the mornings) and Route 19 in Raleigh and Nicholas counties — Sarah H.

• They need to patrol the road in Lashmeet — Heather P.

• Route 20 between Athens and Lerona — John A.

• People pass in dangerous spots on Route 20 (New Hope Road) all the time! I’ve had many close calls with idiot, impatient drivers ill with road rage ... To be more specific, Route 20 between Bluewell and Princeton — Autumn G.

• Route 10 from Kegley to Matoaka — Connie S.

• Sandlick Road by the ice cream cone, people fly down this road all the time — Mary C.

• Try coming up (Route) 52 in the morning for work where you feel like you are driving for NASCAR to keep from getting run over — 60 to 80 mph, people passing on double lines and curves — Vicki O.

• They really need to patrol Glenwood Park Road, going between Glenwood School and Ramey Ford. Very dangerous. Been at least five wrecks since May, one involving a school bus. All this takes place in front of my mother’s home. Several bad curves. Bad enough when dry, deadly when wet and mixed with speeding idiots — Rhonda D.

• Lorton Lick Road. You’d get a lot of job security for speeding tickets if you did ’cause everyone pretty much speeds on it and even some careless people pass where they should not be passing in trying to race to kill themselves and others. All I can say is if you travel Lorton Lick Road, be careful, do the speed limit and remember that no destination is worth you arriving dead nor the innocent lives of others you may take in the process for your need for speed — Cindy C.

• There are a lot of places that are having problems with people speeding, my road included. But there is only so much the police can do as they have to be out in the open to radar. The first time the law would try to be changed, people would be complaining about that and how it would be entrapment. So in hindsight we can’t have our cake and eat it too. It hasn’t been that long since a truck flipped upside down not more than 40 feet from my house and the people ran — had another car come and get them. What if they had been closer, was one of the first questions I asked, but when they radar the cars slow down because they can see them beforehand. I feel they are doing their jobs the only way they are allowed to do them and in the end many people are not getting caught — Tranessa L.

• Thornton Avenue in Princeton. They think this is a drag strip — Scotty S.

• (Route) 460 near Valeros. They test drive dragsters up this road — if you try the speed limit they will push you up the road ... Wintertime is worse on ice covered roads, they will pass you at 70 mph — Steven M.

• If the idiots would put arrows on the traffic lights going up and down (Route) 52 in Brushfork, things might change. When traffic is heavy no one can get across the road. That’s why people take chances and end up in an accident. The people in charge of things around here do stupid things instead of stuff that makes sense and that we actually need — Lisa G.

• Route 460 from Tazewell, Va., to Princeton ... nobody does 55 — Debbie M.

• They could set in my driveway on Fifth Street! In the “S” curve up past Washington Street at the top of the hill. People fly through here, and the police could set right on the side and no one would see the car until they hit the “S” curve — Chad E.