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August 5, 2013

Dems, drugs, STDs, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if Republican lawmakers should have been invited to participate in a Democrat-only trip to Washington to confront the EPA on coal:

• Yes! — Betty R.

• Yeah, go ahead invite them so they can obstruct and block something else! — Wayne J.

• Both parties need to deal with this in a way that protects both the coal mining industry and the environment — Peggy S.

• So they can continue to fight for coal deregulation in the same breath as woman regulation, sodomy regulation, homosexual regulation, and marriage regulation? — Derek Z.

• Yes, so there’s someone with a brain! — Roy C.

• Sure why not ... They are our only voice! Let it be heard! — Madison O.

• One party’s grandstanding is enough — Don Z.

• Democrats go right along with the EPA! So that was a waste of time! — Della M.

On a story about the Democrats trip to D.C. to confront the EPA:

• Just another photo op in a “pretend-to-care” about the state. Where will Manchin be? The establishment at work... — Barbara T.

• Can you say staged protest? The notable absences tell the story. This is just a dog-and-pony show to show their voters they “care” — Joseph L.

On a story about a woman charged with child abuse after pouring gasoline on her daughter’s head to get rid of lice, and causing the girl to catch on fire:

• Not even gonna say what comes to my mind ... Sue M.

• How awful! Everyone knows gas is flammable, not to mention the chemicals in there that are irritants. Olive oil is the best, as it suffocates them. Praying this little girl heals — Karen S.

• Sick, demonic (expletive deleted)! — Angela T.

• That women deserves life in prison. Poor baby — Don H.

On a story about the Bluefield Pill Initiative, and if you believe the efforts law enforcement agencies are making to eradicate illegal drugs in the region are making a difference:

• No, cause they just let them back out — Heather P.

• The medical profession has helped create this horrid problem ... If those professionals that are pill milling were held accountable for what they are doing, the problem would get better ... — Samuel B.

• The sheriff’s department, state police and city police here in Mercer County I feel are doing their best with what they have. Keep up the good work. Between prostitution and the drugs, I can see the police’s work here in Princeton ... — Chad E.

• I believe they are doing the best they can with the resources they have. Even one arrest is one less criminal on the streets. Thanks guys for all you do — Angela G.

• Yes, they are doing a better job then anyone has ever done in West Virginia history, so proud of them. Thank you for all you do — Barbara S.

• It all trickles downhill. The pharmaceutical companies are pumping out these pills as quick as they can. Stop it at the source! — Wes L.

On a story about prostitution in Mercer County spurring an increase in sexually transmitted disease cases:

• Sin has a price tag — Karen D.

• These men carry diseases to their partners and wives. It’s disgusting. Not to mention having sex with someone who simply wants money for drugs — Chrissy C.

• Make prostitution a legally permissible business with regulations like frequent STD testing, strict cleanliness inspections, and other forms of oversight by the state, and the criminal element would disappear — Derek Z.

• It’s not going to stop until you arrest all prostitutes and the Johns that pay them! And stop letting people out of jail right after you arrest them! — Delta F.

• And those who participate think it is OK and doesn’t hurt anyone! The ripple effect from this reaches farther out than they imagine! And the negative consequences are major! — Karen S.

On a man who got revenge on his insurance company by repaying them with four tons of coins:

• Too bad he couldn’t pay with pennies ... — Mike W.

• I love it! LOL — April D.

On a video of a man dancing with an obese raccoon:

• It was rather hilarious! — Karen S.

• He would be for sale ... his hide I mean — Chad E.