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December 23, 2013

Veterans, Santa theft, lottery, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a Bluefield-based charity intended to benefit Vietnam veterans spending just a fraction last year on veterans, and instead devoting most of its dollars to professional fees and fundraising:

• This is why people stop giving. As a person who gives to the veterans, we expect then to receive health care with all they did for our country. It should be given to that — not fundraising — Brenda J.

• People working for charities should work for free. It is that simple. Our military risk their lives to protect everyone in this country. Veterans deserve better than people who take nearly two thirds of the money for themselves. I stopped giving to any charity that pays the CEO more than $50,000 a year. I know the CEO needs to have money to live but there should be a limit as to how much they make. Our veterans deserve better — Bev O.

• I’m hearing other charities and disaster relief agencies are the same. Stay in the best hotels. Eat at the best restaurants, etc., like a paid vacation — Debbie L.

• Authorities don’t want to mess investigating this and other stuff, like all the cars registered by West Virginia residents in Virginia, or the recent United Way fiasco. Why? Maybe certain people can’t be investigated? — Bill S.

• It is not just the Bluefield charity but almost all charities that do this. I think if you did a little research on most of the charities you give to you would be shocked at the actual amount of money that does not go to the specified benefactor but rather goes for the salaries, bonuses and fund raising contractors. That is exactly the reason I donate to smaller local charities such as the union mission and Catholic food banks. I know where my money is going — Dreama A.

• The Bible says charity begins at home. That is why I do not give. If someone in my church or family or neighborhood needs we give to them. That way we know the ones in need get it — Sabrina S.

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