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December 17, 2012

Explosion, right-to-work, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll asking if you’re finished with your Christmas shopping:

• Not shopping this year. Times are hard and we can’t pay our bills ... — Wanda C.

• Is it Christmas Eve yet? — Robert F.

On a poll question asking how you communicate most with friends and family:

• Facebook! Of course! — Marie B.

• Face to face! — Vicki A.

On a story about the gas line explosion in West Virginia:

• And they want us to believe that fracking is safe — Joshua H.

• This accident has absolutely nothing to with fracking. The truth is America has an aging infrastructure that needs to be repaired and updated — Jerri H.

• Natural gas, oil and all petroleum products are transported by pipelines or truck. If you want to avoid danger, all of us need to live in caves — Mark F.

On whether first-time drunken driving offenders should be required to use ignition locks, or if the technology should only be used in “hardcore” cases:

• Hardcore — Karen D.

• Anyone convicted of .15 or higher should be required to use interlock for a period of one year. Also, anyone who has been convicted of a second or more impaired driving charge should be required to have it. The additional conviction should be the only time that BAC is not a factor in the interlock restriction. So, a first time conviction of .08 should not result in a interlock requirement — Matt U.

• Drunk drivers kill more innocent Americans every year than terrorists have killed in the last 100 years combined. This is an issue that should have been completely dealt with long ago. First offense should mean one year of hard labor and forfeiture of their car, second offense would be 10 years and forfeiture of all assets and the third would be a well-deserved execution. With 11,000 deaths a year in the U.S. caused by drunk drivers and over 200,000 injuries it’s time to put a swift end to this out-of-control crime. Our main problem with punishment for drunk driving is that most of our politicians are drunks so they’ll never do anything to harm their lifestyle. It’s like how most people want welfare recipients to be drug tested, but oddly no one is calling for our politicians to be drug tested when these politicians steal in a year more than what welfare pays out in 50 years — Joe H.

• If they get by with it the first time, chances are, they will do it again! They should be punished to the max — Michelle B.

• Since it is a safety issue, I really don’t understand why this technology isn’t installed in all vehicles. As I see it, there is no violation of individual rights — it is simply a way to avoid even the first DUI arrest. If you’re drunk, your car won’t start. Period — Jonathan S.

• Why give anyone a second chance to kill someone? — Janine B.

On a poll question asking if West Virginia should enact right-to-work legislation:

• Yes! — Dean C.

• We all have a right to work without having to pay a bunch of thugs who line their pockets with unearned money, just like the government — Karen D.

• Where would we be without unions? Perhaps y’all shall find out soon enough — Dave H.

• Before voting you should learn the difference between an open shop, closed shop and a union shop. The labor movement that came with the Industrial Revolution essentially created the middle class as we know it today. A vote for right to work is a vote against the middle class — Bill M.

• Right-to-work legislation is a trick of corporations to rid unions and pay workers less. The corporations want to get rid of all the safety and fair wage practices unions have brought in to give Americans a respectful life. By having non-union workers working in a union setting means the end of unions and the working man will have no more protection than a Chinese or Mexican worker. Unions are the balance of power between the corporations and the working man — Terry H.

• No! — Cathy H.

• No, we need to be able to unionize. There are problems yes, but when it comes to pay, rights of workers, safety, this is our strengths — Derek K.

• No, no, Hell no! The middle class would have been nonexistent without unions! Everyone talks about union thugs. The worse thugs of all were company thugs! — Roger E.

• Virginia has the right-to-work law and they are more prosperous than West Virginia. Unions were good in the past, but have served their usefulness. Shouldn’t have to pay someone to be able to work! — Carleen Y.

• No, where would the miners be without the union? As a widow of a union miner, thank God for the union — Shirley M.

On a poll question asking if the eligibility age for Medicare should be increased as part of the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations:

• B.S. — Doc C.

• No! It is already hard enough for senior citizens to get help paying for health care and medicines — Karen S.

• Yes, if we don’t do something to reign in spending, there will not be any Medicare for anyone. America is broke and can not keep spending money. Raising the age is something fiscally prudent to do — Jerri H.

• This is so wrong. There is plenty of money wasted supporting foreign countries and being the world police. Just keep the money at home — Richard W.

• No, it should not. We should cut some of these politicians paydays. They are getting paid way too much and our president shouldn’t be going on vacations that cost the taxpayers the last arm and leg we have — Renee B.

On a story about the fatal shooting at a Connecticut school:

• This breaks my heart but makes me so mad at the same time — Suzanne B.

• Lord be with all of the families affected by this unimaginable tragedy! — Wayne J.

• What kind of monster ... Jeff M.

• I am praying for all of them — Mary M.

On the Mountaineer mascot getting a DNR citation:

• So is it a “musket” or is it a rifle? There’s a difference — Charles P.

• They’re journalists. I’m just happy they didn’t call it an AK-47 or an “assault weapon” — Harry C.