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December 3, 2012

Coal boom, ‘Buckwild,’ more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a teenager and his parents who were killed after they jumped in the ocean to rescue the family dog, and if you would risk your life for a family member or pet:

• What a tragedy! I absolutely would have done the same thing without thinking twice. So sad — Beverly R.

• I would for my sister’s son and for sure my grandbabies! And my beagle! — Joya C.

• Yes, I would — Faith C.

On a story about Southern Coal announcing massive miner call backs and hiring:

• I, too, believe it is political but I am still very thankful that they are calling back workers and hiring. Jobs are really needed in this area — Shirley G.

• Well of course, the elections are over! — Sharon F.

• Political manipulation. Lay off workers before the election and then suddenly, with no changes whatsoever, they are calling them back — Bev O.

• Huh, I thought Obama was the end of coal? All political, anyone could’ve seen that — Chris S.

• Who cares, we need our jobs. Thanks for companies like Cliffs and Console Energy, Southern Coal and Eddie Asbury for keeping us working — Derek K.

• Political scare tactics! — Roger E.

• Glad that corporations are calling back miners. Coal prices are dropping and little has been done to diversify the West Virginia economy. Looks as though we were hornswoggled into voting Republican — Bill M.

• Political strategy from the start! Thankful that the miners are going back to work and that new jobs are being created! — Debbie R.

• Amen! — Amy B.

• Praise God! — Kimberly C.

• Yayyyy! — Susie B.

• Does anybody else think the coal companies might have lied to us and laid off miners just to scare us? — John M.

• So... Either Obama called off the war on coal, or the whole thing was made up to sway voters? I’m confused — Neal V.

On a story about MTV airing a new reality show — “Buckwild” — about “a bunch of wild young West Virginians,” and if shows like this hurt West Virginia’s image:

• Didn’t they already have the “Wild Wonderful Whites” show about West Virginia white trash? Do we really need another one? And people thought the “Beverly Hillbillies” were bad for Appalachia’s image — Joseph L.

• I think that shows like this don’t really help people see our state in a positive light but the people in our area don’t have the right to complain if they are included in those whose actions do the same on a daily basis, like dumping their trash on the road side, vandalizing property and many other things that are not positive. Until our own people start taking better care of our state, we are only participating in the negative ideas that others have of us — Karen S.

• Yes! — Sarah L.

• Yes, it will hurt West Virginia’s image. It’s bad enough people already think we are inbred hillbillies ... We don’t need that garbage — Kaye L.

• Yes! — Sherry K.

• Of course it will hurt ... but think of the ratings — Jeff M.

• People still watch MTV? — Wes L.

• With the exception of a few, not everyone thinks that everyone that lives on the Jersey Shore is like those that appear on “Jersey Shore.” Most people that have any common sense realize that these shows always find the worst they can find ... I don’t think it will portray West Virginia in particular in a bad light. Honestly, I think it will show a bunch of kids doing what they do — Angela S.

• As if the “Whites of West Virginia” wasn’t bad enough! —  Courtney A.

• It sure as hell doesn’t depict my life, those lives of many youthful wild, wonderful West Virginians. But I agree it looks like the Jersey Shore has come to the hills ... And they’re all (stuck on stupid) ... lol — Marie D.

On a story about the West Virginia Board of Education reaffirming the superintendent firing:

• No results, poor performance ... makes absolute sense — Greg S.

On whether you are spending more or less on Christmas this year:

• I don’t know that I have spent less, but I am happy to say I have not charged one item this year! —  Angela G.

On what puts you in the holiday spirit:

• Christ’s birthday and Christmas music — Sherry B.