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August 7, 2013

Birds, school, shooting, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On two men charged with soliciting in McDowell County, and two women charged with assaulting a confidential police informant:

• What a waste of time — Derek Z.

• Glad their names were published! — Barbara H.

• Glad to see everyone’s picture published. Hope the media continues this practice — Bill S.

On if you would pay $180 for a bird poop facial:

• Some people have more money than brains — Robin E.

• Perfect for NYC. The whole city smells like a nasty gas station bathroom anyhow — Scott H.

• Bird poo for sale. (Chicken) — Jerry W.

• Better make sure your tetanus shot is updated ... LOL — Ronnie M.

• You’d have to be a bird brain to spend $180 on bird poop! — Mike W.

On whether e-cigarettes and their advertising should have to follow the same rules and regulations as traditional cigarettes:

• We have no real idea if they are harmful or addictive, but by God they look and act like those evil cigarettes so we must save the populace from their own decisions once again! Saddle up boys, the anti-freedom posse are on the march! — Joseph L.

• ... people suffering from asthma and other lung illnesses have the freedom to go to a restaurant, bar, etc., and not suffer from secondhand smoke ... So, to get back to the original question, yes e-cigarettes should have to follow the same rule — Bill S.

On a poll question asking if summer vacation should be longer or shorter for area school children:

• Longer — Angela P.

• School shouldn’t start until after Labor [Day] weekend. This year it starts when the fair is going on. A lot of kids work the fair! — Donna H.

• After Labor Day! — LaTasha W.

• Longer, a lot of kids will be on vacation still. It was wrong to do it this year. Plans had already been made — Lori B.

• Longer! After Labor Day just like when we were kids — Alicia P.

• Longer. They start children so young to go to school — you have pre-school, kindergarten, and then elementary, middle and high school. Pushing the year to be longer for school attendance is going to burn these kids out — Annie B.

• Begin after Sept. 1 — Gail H.

• Longer, no wonder some kids hate school and don’t want to go to college! — Delta F.

• As a teacher, I love to see the overwhelming support for a longer summer break! — Michael Q.

• Longer. They could make changes to the curriculum and become much more efficient in what they teach. Lots of subjects that are required to graduate are completely useless — Eugene H.

• Longer, let them enjoy the summer and start school after Labor Day — Sheila P.

• Shorter. Most are bored stiff after a month anyway — Robert B.

• Year-round school is the only way to go! You have to retrain your students every year and get them back in the right groove! And maybe it will get rid of some of these teachers (?) that took up the teaching profession just so they can have all of these vacations! That’s not a reason to become a teacher! — Brian S.

• I think the idea of students going year round is better. It breaks the students from getting bored in the summer or getting in trouble, and the block school year does structure differently but it gives students a real indicator of the real world, that real jobs and adult life does not give summers off for vacation — Cindy C.

On a former West Virginia cheerleading coach getting home confinement for sexual abuse of male students:

• Why doesn’t she go to jail? A man would have! ... Pa-lease the double standards in these cases are ridiculous, more and more grown women are taking advantage of these young boys and our system is set up to let them — Melissa F.

On a story about a 6-year-old accidentally shooting a toddler:

• Watch your kids, and put your guns up people. Geez! — Erika C.

• Own guns ... but be responsible! — Janine B.

On a story about the feds charging a West Virginia sheriff with illegal wiretapping:

• Ha, the feds charge someone with illegal wiretapping? That’s gotta be the pot calling the kettle black — Mike H.

• Check for holes in the police women’s bathroom walls, too — Steven M.

• The fact of the matter is, he broke the law and should be prosecuted just as anyone else would — Alli L.

On a story about a family still seeking justice three years after a McDowell County woman was murdered:

• (The children) deserve better from our justice system. It’s time to hold someone accountable for taking their mother’s life. I’d like to know what they’re waiting for! — Shirl M.