Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 22, 2013

Strawberries, grass, guns, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a tractor-trailer carrying 50,000 pounds of strawberries overturning on I-81:

• Wish I was there ... LOL. Yummy ... strawberries — Teresa B.

• Well I know it’s not funny, but the only thing I can think of is I would love to be picking those strawberries — Karen M.

• Strawberry daiquiris! — Jane D.

• Shortcake time! — Laura B.

• Strawberry fields forever — Steven R.

• What a berry big disaster — Laura C.

• They are requesting you avoid the area unless you have a flatbed full of shortcake and/or a tanker of whipped cream — Eric J.

• Looks like folks are going to have to take a strawberry shortcut — Scott N.

On the bombings in Boston:

• Praying for everyone! — Darlene F.

On a story about Bluefield cracking down on those violating the pit bull ordinance:

• Sounds cruel to muzzle your dog. Won’t that make any dog mean? — Gina G.

• They are spending so much time and resources on dogs, fix the damn pot holes, bring in new business, stop the pill heads from taking over. How about they spend the time and money on something that actually matters! They are so proud like they are doing something important ... please! — Shannon Y.

• Waste of tax dollars... — Shan C.

• I just saw that Wooster, Mass., just repealed their ban, and are now breed neutral! I hope others follow the example. Most times the dog is not the problem anyway, just bad dog owners ... — Anita T.

• There are many states that are repealing the bans on pit bulls. They have found they are not so bad after all, but more the work of bad owners ... — Tranessa L.

On a poll question asking how concerned you are about future terrorist attacks on U.S. soil:

• Very! — Shirley F.

• As the folks in charge have decided that they will let folks in illegally and then make them full citizens, very — Ed M.

• Very — Micole B.

• Two successful attempts out of how many that were foiled or the perps screwed it up themselves. The odds of successful attempts are still small on this front. So I will not be mindlessly panicking and allowing the government to take more of my rights for a false sense of security — Joseph L.

• Not at all ... — Matt H.

On a story about a crackdown on littering, and if you know of an illegal trash dump that needs to be cleaned up:

• Bluecourt Road off of Littlesburg Road. The Bluewell PSD is located here and people dump trash, old furniture and, worst of all, unwanted cats and dogs here all the time — Sandra B.

• Clines Country Road in Pinoak, off of Route 10. Sections of Wright’s Mountain Road in Lashmeet. Springton Mountain Road. Wherever there is a “back road” you will find trash... — Tina H.

• I love West Virginia, but I’d have to say it’s the entire southern part that’s a trash dump and needs cleaned up! ... — Venetia G.

• Off Bryant Street in Bluefield there is a overgrown dirt road ... It is a half-mile long dump ... — Bz T.

• I am tired of seeing the garbage dumped out of people’s cars at the top of Cornbread Ridge, connecting to Gardner Road ... — Karen S.

• All of Airport Road from GVBC to CVS ... probably beyond. Kee Reservoir, where our water comes from, is one big dump. Trash lines the whole road, not to mention a few large dead animals. If this is somebody’s job — they need replaced — Paul D.

• Route 52 from Bluefield to Welch there are several yards or eyesores ... — Hobert C.


On a poll question asking what motivates you to mow your grass:

• My wife — Rick T.

• When it looks like no one lives there — Vickie E.

• When I get dirty looks and stares from the neighbors! LOL — D.C.M.

• To be able to get out in the sun and fresh air — Sherry B.

• When it gets tall enough to hide snakes ... Just kidding. I love mowing the yard. The smell of cut grass is fantastic! — Kaye L.

• When the threat of tigers becomes obvious — Joseph L.

On a poll question asking if you agree with the decision by Senate Republicans and some Democrats to block legislation seeking expanded background gun checks:

• Hell yea — Jim M.

• Yes, I do — Heather P.

On a story in which the father of a bombing suspect calls his son an angel:

• Set up? An angel? Pffft. Apparently we know where his crazy came from — Angelia G.

• And it is those “angels” that had triggering devices in their pocket? — Karen S.

On Senator Manchin saying the NRA told “a bald-face lie” about gun legislation:

• Like politicians do not lie? They are all in the same boat in my opinion — Chrissy C.

• Manchin must go next election! Need to remember how he turned on all of West Virginia! — Matthew B.