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September 3, 2012

Prostitutes, ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On Texas officials reconsidering sending prostitutes to prison due to the expense, and if you think prostitutes should be imprisoned:

• Not unless you plan on sending all the men they are sleeping with to prison too — Heather P.

• Prostitution should be legalized and regulated. Make sure they are safe and healthy. It’s sad that someone finds themselves in a situation where they are forced into prostitution and it’s no one else’s business what consenting adults wish to do or barter as long as their actions do not harm me or my rights. I have never seen a prostitute nor do I ever plan on seeing one but my morals and my preferences do not apply to other individuals in a free society — Joe H.

• Let’s just legalize everything and let people do what they want! Yeah, what a great idea. As if this country isn’t in bad enough shape as it is! Good grief! How ignorant! — Kim P.

• I say let ’em sell it! It is a natural resource! — Matt U.

• I think they need a program where they work for their food, money and shelter outside of selling themselves so that they can get an education and actually add to society rather than take from it in a prison system. Our tax money pays for them in prison — where prostitution and STDs are still prominent. So how is that a solution, other than we don’t have to see them on the streets any more? — Erica B.

On the death of Neil Armstrong, and if you remember the first walk on the moon:

• I remember that very special day — Kaye W.

• I remember, too — Mitzi B.

On a poll question asking how you would rate the crime problem in your neighborhood:

• Not bad at all. Hope it stays this way — Shirley F.

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