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February 10, 2014

Caskets, death, taxes, more


— — On if there should be restrictions on students bringing homemade treats to school:

• ... one restriction, you have to bring enough for the whole class. Worked real well when I was in school, still works today — Rick T.

• No. That is ridiculous, as long as the total class is treated on special occasions ... — Lynn C.

• It is easier and less expensive if you can make them and take them in, but it is more sanitary if it is bought from a store ... — Sharon R.

• One must think of the children with food allergies — could be deadly — Karen G.

On a witness testifying to arranging sexual encounters with a child and sending child porn during the trial of a Mercer County man facing multiple charges:

• This makes me sick to my stomach — Linda M.

• Who does this stuff!? What’s wrong with people!? They need to be castrated and then stoned to death! No excuse for this! — Debbie N.

• Disgusting pieces of trash! I pray for peace for the victims involved in this ... — Angie B.

• God required the death penalty in the Old Testament. This is why — Janis D.

On if you agree with the decision by CVS to stop selling tobacco products:

• No. Because they’re losing money and it’s not like people won’t buy elsewhere — Nicolette B.

• Yes! — Jessica P.

• No! — Drema A.

• Yep, but they sell beer ... Is that healthy? — Greg B.

• It is their business and they have the freedom to make that choice — Neal V.

On testimony in the preliminary hearing of a former church volunteer facing sex crimes:

• Remains free on bond? You have got to be kidding me! — Chandra S.

• They should castrate him! — Debbie N.

• They have to prove him guilty. Yes, this is sickening! — Christa M.

On a story about a fire at Princeton Towers:

• Good job Princeton firefighters — Deborah B.

On your favorite winter Olympic sport?

• Figure skating — Cheryl H.

• None. I’m not a fan of the Olympics — Kathy W.

• Sleeping through it or finding something more constructive to do — Joseph L.

On when you normally file your state and federal tax returns:

• Last day possible! — Leah P.

• April, before the 15th — Debbie N.

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