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February 10, 2014

Caskets, death, taxes, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a proposed state law that would allow counties to enact spay/neuter ordinances:

• This is not fair to people who have cats and dogs dropped on them all the time ... Cynthia D.

• It will all be pointless if no one enforces it — Sharon Q.

• I think this is a good idea to have all animals spayed or neutered. The shelter here is always full of unwanted animals ... — Susie B.

On vandals damaging a bee hive at a Virginia urban farm:

• That’s a shame. I’m a big fan of local honey. I’ve barely seen any honey bees over the past few years — Melissa E.

On a story about funeral and casket outlets in some California malls, and if you think it’s a good idea or in bad taste:

• Good idea. Funeral homes mark up casket sales ... they need competition — Anita H.

• Very poor taste — Sally S.

• Wow. Let’s go make arrangements for mom and grab a bite to eat and get our nails filled in ... smh — Candeis B.

• Bad form, just my two cents worth — Linda S.

• This is ridiculous. Are they that desperate for business ...? — Kathy H.

• Oh stop whining people. Oh it’s in bad taste. The mortuary business is like any other, it’s a business. What better place for them than the perpetual consumption engine of a mall? You buy everything for every stage of life there, why not death ...? — Joseph L.

On a poll question asking if West Virginia should institute the death penalty:

• Yes — Kimberly V.

• You mean we don’t already have it? Oh, that was unsolved murders. What was I thinking — Al J.

• There are too many innocent people in prison. The Judicial system is sometimes dirtier than the inmates — Kathy H.

• Absolutely! Starting with murderers and child molesters...! — Dreama H.

• This isn’t a black-and-white question anymore. It should be an available option when there’s absolutely no doubt with a guilty verdict attached to a crime that warrants it ... — Brian M.

• Yes, by way of public crucifixion, crime would stop! Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth! — Delta F.

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