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January 27, 2014

Bridges, Bieber, weed, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On old bridges in the area that are in need of being replaced:

• The bridge going across the river at Ritter Hollow seriously needs replaced! — Wayne J.

• Davy and Twin Branch have a few. The one just before the tunnel at Twin Branch is horrible — Janine B.

• Don’t know about replaced, but that one by the mall needs to lead somewhere other than the side of a hill — Dan M.

On a poll question asking if you are satisfied with President Barack Obama’s proposals to overhaul the U.S. spying of American’s phone records:

• He is not doing anything about it. Remember he is a politician so he is going to do what he does best and that is telling people what they want to hear — Chad E.

• The word “satisfied” doesn’t belong in any sentence that has President Barack Obama in it. I think “unsatisfied” is a much better fit — Becky G.

On Richard Sherman’s strange postgame rant:

• Seattle Kingdome ... lots of noise ... just won Divisional Championship ... elated ... emotional ... and the likely motivation was WR Michael Crabtree talking junk all season long ... — Richy S.

• He was talking about Jim Harbaugh saying that Crabtree had the best hands in the history of the game, when in fact he is mediocre. Sherman’s rant was crazy but accurate  — Samuel B.

• He made himself look like an idiot. That is all — Amanda J.

On the “Duck Dynasty” stars coming to West Virginia:

• Great! First a chemical spill, now a bunch of yuppies dressed as hillbillies, what’s going to complete the rule of three? An earthquake? Flood? Frogs raining from the sky? — Joe H.

• Lol, put everything aside. They are doing this for a good cause — Sharnesia S.

• Bring on the beards! ... let’s get tickets. :) Ashliegh M.

On former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife being indicted on federal corruption charges:

• Virginia guns for anyone they think is a threat or who they can frame. Glad to see they do it to big shots too! — Karin S.

• What happens to Virginia Republican governors? The last one also bit the dust — Bill S.

• I’m sure the Dems are scared to death that he might run for president, just like they did with Christie. It’s all a game folks! — Joseph L.

On Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposal for a new federal drinking water protection measure:

• How ’bout he do something about all the coal jobs being cut if he wants to finally do something! SMH! — Madison O.

• He was governor and now West Virginia’s U.S. senator, he never had his cronies inspect this facility, now he wants to pass some law! ... — Jim K.

• Kinda like closing the barn door after the horses got out — Andrew K.

On what you think of the idea to ditch the PAT kick in the NFL:

• Stupid ... leave it alone! — Janine B.

• Leave it alone. Many games have been decided by it ... — Brian M.

• Dumb ... — Greg B.

• No. Keep it. Back it up a few yards maybe, but definitely keep it! — Brian W.

On a forecast for a deep freeze:

• Noooo! — Jessi B.

• Global warming — Karen D.

On officials saying a second, likely less toxic chemical, also was released during the recent spill:

• So now the first one was a little toxic if this one is less toxic?! — Cathy B.

On someone stealing 800 pounds of copper from the Bluefield, Va., Industrial Park:

• Wow — Mitzi B.

On Justin Bieber’s arrest on drag-racing and DUI charges:

• My initial thought, who cares! — Scott H.

• They going to love him in there ... lmao — Chris S.

• He should have been arrested for that hair cut, if nothing else — Melissa E.

• He looks like Miley Cyrus — Becky G.

• Prime example of a kid with more money than he knows what to do with ... — Eric L.

• Who didn’t see this coming? — Juliette G.

• He’s a punk — Scotty S.

• Brat! — Louise G.

On a poll question asking if West Virginia should legalize marijuana for medical purposes:

• No, there are enough idiots here without making it worse — Pam W.

• Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, I would rather see pot abused than medication ... Chad E.

• Yes! I would hate to think that I was so closed minded over marijuana that I kept pain relief, and possibly a cure, out of the hands of someone dying of cancer... — Becky G.

• God gave us air. Water. Weeds. We need to make laws for those things man made like narcotics — Phil B.

• I think they should legalize it for recreational use also and use the money to pay welfare instead of taxing the working class so much ... — Lorenzo S.