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January 20, 2014

Crime, campsites, gay marriage, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On results of a poll asking if you think the traffic jam political scandal will negatively impact Gov. Chris Christie’s expected run for president (yes, 50 percent; no, 47 percent):

• Oh, the results of this poll scare me almost as much as a chemical leak — Ronnie M.

On a Mercer County woman receiving the maximum sentence on sexual abuse charges involving children:

• Sick — Christine H.

• She still didn’t get what she deserved! — Roy M.

• It’s people like this that belong in hell — Jose M.

• What is wrong with people around here? — Steven H.

• Good. I pray she gets everything she deserves — Jodi W.

• I pray God will forgive me for what I am thinking! — Louise G.

• She deserves what she got plus much more! She will pay ... on judgment day! — Tonya W.

• It’s about time someone gets the maximum sentence! This women is a very sick individual! — Tonya J.

On a poll question asking if you think the addition of campsites and other recreational amenities at Pinnacle Rock State Park would spur tourism:

• I don’t think there are people in other states sitting in their homes going, “I would love to go to Pinnacle Rock State Park but they just don’t have enough benches” ... — Joe H.

• Yes, especially since it is close to the ATV trails — Alecia L.

• You’d be surprised by the number of people that live out of state that want to come see that big pretty rock ... — Angela C.

• Yes! And the area needs it desperately — Pam J.

• Yes, good idea! This would be a great location for ATV tourism — John H.

On a judge’s ruling of admissible evidence in the case of a Mercer County man facing child pornography charges:

• People like this make me physically sick — Cheryl H.

• Hope he has a friendly cell mate — Heather G.

On the ban on tap water being lifted for parts of West Virginia:

• God is good all the time — Wanda T.

• I wouldn’t want to use without my own testing — Gail S.

• How about the officials drink the first few cups of water, then make the announcement? — Kelly F.

On if you support gay marriage in Virginia and West Virginia:

• No, I agree with Phil Robertson! — John H.

• Hell no — Charity W.

• Yes! — Angela C.

• How exactly does one’s sexual preference get to be such a big deal?... — Sunshine G.

• No! Stand by your Bible — Sallie P.

• What does it matter? How would gay marriage affect anyone? Remember, a separation of church and state — Rob H.

• Yes! If two consenting adults want to marry they should be able to and if anyone does not like gay marriage they don’t have to get one! — Dave H.

• The gays need to go back into their closet, get down on their knees and start praying for their souls... — Pamela M.

• Jesus loved everyone, you should try it sometime — Jason U.

On the text mom pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter:

• No excuse for her stupidity — she needs to do jail time ... — Bill S.

• Sad — Jessi B.

• Welcome to West Virginia, where you can serve more time for selling a pill than you would if you killed someone. Why do our area judges allow murderers to plea to a lesser charge so often? — Donald Z.

On the sentencing of the former administrator of the Bluefield, Va. Rescue Squad on bank fraud and identity theft charges:

• Well that explains the closing of the rescue squad about two years ago — Sabrina L.

• Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover — Alli L.

On if you have been sickened by the flu in recent years:

• Not since I stopped taking flu shots — Darrell B.

On Apple refunding money to parents for children’s in-app purchases:

• Our son Zachary spent in excess of $1,500 on food for his dinosaurs (‘‘Jurassic Park”) and ammo for his guns (”Six Shooter”). We did correspond with Apple and after several emails, they agreed to refund the money ... Missi C.

On your favorite Academy Award winning movie:

• “Out of Africa” — Karin S.

• “Amadeus” — Dave H.

• “Gone with the Wind” — Cheryl H.