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June 9, 2014

Climate, college, camp, more


— — On a poll question asking how worried you are about climate change:

• Ummmm ... Not worried at all. I’m more worried about people finding jobs, increasing the local economy, and finding ways to help our youth prosper... — Lauren B.

• Lawmakers declared war on West Virginia. Those who support the current administration (and pay taxes) will now be supporting us coal miners on the first of the month — Greg B.

• People around here are used to “climate change,” we call it spring, summer, fall and winter! —Jim H.

• We pump all that stuff in the air and eliminate most of the world’s trees then have the arrogance to say we don’t have any affect..... :/ — Dave H.

• Worry more about people working and putting food on their kids’ plates. What happens to the climate is in God’s hands! — Sandy B.

On if a college education is worth the high cost:

• Hell no — Thomas L.

• Ditto Thomas! — Amy N.

• No, but nowadays no collage, no decent paying job in most cases — David B.

• Better off with vo-tech — Karen B.

• Yes, worth every penny. There’s no way I could make the money I do now without my degree — Danielle B.

• No! My daughter went five years and can’t find a job with her degree — Nora A.

• Sadly, many businesses will not hire you without a degree. Then once you’re hired, you find out that the degree you paid for or took a loan out for didn’t prepare you for the skill set the job requires ... — Greg H.

On the rescue of a woman from a Wythe County cave:

• Yes, that’s Wytheville, Va., good-hearted people — John L.

On how often you travel to the beach:

• Not enough — Sherry B.

• At least once a year —Danielle B.

• Never — Kathy H.

• There now ... I could live at the beach! So peaceful :) — Lisa B.

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