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June 9, 2014

Climate, college, camp, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story and photo about the arrest of a stabbing suspect by West Virginia State Police troopers:

• West Virginia has some of the best looking state troopers I have ever seen anywhere. Don’t know where they find these guys — Terry W.

• I agree ... — Michelle L.

• I’m sick of people talking trash about Montcalm being a drug town when it’s primary residents are old people and working people. Just because a few bad apples have time to stand around in front of the closed food store doesn’t mean the entire town is filled with drugs... — Joe H.

• I actually have to agree ... on this one. All towns have a drug problem, that doesn’t mean it’s all drug related every time something happens — Rhonda D.

• Crazy... people are nuts — Kathy H.

On a story about a 9-year-old boy being struck by a train in McDowell County:

• Prayers for the family — Michelle L.

• Praying for that child and his family — Donna D.

• What was the child doing around train tracks to begin with?! — Amy N.

• Prayer for the little kid and family, this is so sad — Kathie W.

On a husband and wife in their 80s scaring off a would-be robber:

• GO granny GO — Gwen M.

• A .45 or a 9 mm will scare ’em off every time —  Michael C.

On if you recycle:

• You know if they did, more of these the side roads in McDowell and surrounding counties wouldn’t look so bad! They ought to take a page from North Carolina and offer separate pick ups during the month for glass, and plastic and yard debris! — Deanna M.

• Seems most West Virginia counties only care about money. Princeton should offer residence bins for recycling — Chad E.

• Yes. Bluefield, Va., does paper and plastic every Tuesday — Alicia P.

On a poll question asking how worried you are about climate change:

• Ummmm ... Not worried at all. I’m more worried about people finding jobs, increasing the local economy, and finding ways to help our youth prosper... — Lauren B.

• Lawmakers declared war on West Virginia. Those who support the current administration (and pay taxes) will now be supporting us coal miners on the first of the month — Greg B.

• People around here are used to “climate change,” we call it spring, summer, fall and winter! —Jim H.

• We pump all that stuff in the air and eliminate most of the world’s trees then have the arrogance to say we don’t have any affect..... :/ — Dave H.

• Worry more about people working and putting food on their kids’ plates. What happens to the climate is in God’s hands! — Sandy B.

On if a college education is worth the high cost:

• Hell no — Thomas L.

• Ditto Thomas! — Amy N.

• No, but nowadays no collage, no decent paying job in most cases — David B.

• Better off with vo-tech — Karen B.

• Yes, worth every penny. There’s no way I could make the money I do now without my degree — Danielle B.

• No! My daughter went five years and can’t find a job with her degree — Nora A.

• Sadly, many businesses will not hire you without a degree. Then once you’re hired, you find out that the degree you paid for or took a loan out for didn’t prepare you for the skill set the job requires ... — Greg H.

On the rescue of a woman from a Wythe County cave:

• Yes, that’s Wytheville, Va., good-hearted people — John L.

On how often you travel to the beach:

• Not enough — Sherry B.

• At least once a year —Danielle B.

• Never — Kathy H.

• There now ... I could live at the beach! So peaceful :) — Lisa B.

On your money-saving tips for vacation:

• Camp — John L.

• Go to local events ... — Jason C.

• Stay with a relative who lives near an amusement park, etc. — Bridgett J.

On a state of emergency being declared in McDowell County due to significant flooding damage:

• Prayers to all family and friends that I have there — Donna S.

• Got a lot of buds down that way ... prayers — Greg. B.

On your favorite camp when growing up:

• Thomas E. Lightfoot camp — Janet M.

• Girl Scout camp in Rocky Gap and Basketball Camp at Concord — Angie W.

• Christian Acres — Barbara A.