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June 2, 2014

Nine months of reporting brings many exciting adventures

— — After being with the Daily Telegraph for almost nine months now, I can look back at all the different people I have met and all the different stories I have covered.

No day is ever the same. Before I started, I would not have been able to tell you how a government or city runs or what kind of activities are put on throughout the city.

But after multiple court hearings, city board meetings and other activities throughout the region I have become quite the source of information.

Telegraph Editor Samantha Perry has always told me that I have to be an expert in a little bit of everything. I am continuing to learn on a daily basis.

It’s not that I never cared about what went on around me and where I lived, but I just never had a real interest. Now after being involved in all kinds of different meetings and social settings on a daily basis, I can’t not imagine what is going on.

I constantly yap to my husband about my long, drawn-out sagas of what happened to me that day or what interesting facts I learned. I am pretty sure he doesn’t care and just nods his head in agreement. He is just happy that I am happy about what I do.

But what I actually have to go through to get the story is sometimes the best part. It is the behind-the-scenes that don’t always make the paper.

Just a month or so ago, a bank robbery came across the scanner, so I ran out to get details over at the bank. Telegraph photographer Eric DiNivo and I were standing on the sidewalk gathering information when a car crashed in front of the bank. We were running for our lives to get out of the way of a falling light pole. He and I still talk about that to this day, and how it could have been much worse than it actually was. But it made a great story.

Another story I did about an incident in Tennessee that involved a Tazewell woman somehow got picked up by the “Nancy Grace” television show. I was having a nice, relaxing morning at my desk when the next thing I know I am going through pre-interviews and multiple phone calls to be interviewed on “Nancy Grace.”


Another problem I seem to always run into is my outfit. While spring and summer are easier to dress for than winter, I still seem to run into some problems.

Just when I assume I am going to be sitting inside for most of the day, something happens and I have to run out ... in my dress and heals.

A train derailment one snowy afternoon in Jewel Ridge, Va., was not the time to be wearing a dress and high heels. I had to walk in the pouring snow and freezing temperatures.

Eric and I always seem to go on the most interesting adventures. One day we went down to War to cover a story on some abandoned dogs, and a lady down there told me I looked like a fish out of water. Obviously, I was not properly dressed for walking down the side of the road in War.

Probably one of the best adventures Eric and I have been on was to Pineville in Wyoming County. Police had discovered a body in a shallow grave and were holding a press conference. After the press conference at the courthouse, Eric and I decided we would venture out to the site of where the body was found on Bud Mountain. Although properly dressed this time, I refused to get out of the car once we arrived on top of this mountain with no cellphone service. I made Eric quickly snap pictures so we could get the heck out of there.

Without coming to work for the Telegraph, I would not have the chance to experience all of the new and different things that happen to me each day. All of the people I have met have been wonderful and I am enjoying learning about the region we live in.

If there is one thing I have learned though, is that I should always have a pair of jeans, an extra jacket and rubber rain boots in the back of my car — just in case the occasion arises that I must run out and cover a story.

Anne Elgin is a reporter at the Daily Telegraph. Contact her at Follow her @BDTElgin.

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