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December 10, 2012

Guns, pledge, pot, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a poll question asking if you will get a flu shot this year:

• Already got mine — Mary C.

• No — Angela S.

• I can catch the flu just fine without resorting to corporate medicine — Jeff S.

On whether Bob Costas overstepped his bounds with gun comments during halftime of a football game:

• Yes — Julie M.

• Yes, without a doubt. Costas is a sportscaster, who took his national platform to push a progressive agenda and his personal views. It was inappropriate and he should be fired for it, but he won’t, as he works for NBC, which is all about pushing the progressive agenda, at whatever cost — Jerri H.

• If Bob Costas spoke out in favor of the Second Amendment, and was then trashed for that, how many of us would be standing up for his First Amendment Right? — Jamie L.

• He can say what he wants, but I do not have to agree with him. Halftime during a nationally televised football game is not the venue for comments concerning gun control or any other politically divisive issue. Most people watch sports as a form of entertainment, not to be blindsided with a particular sportscaster’s political views — Mark B.

• Of course not. In context, it was just a comment stating the obvious. He wasn’t attacking anyone’s Constitutional rights. Calm down already — Kevin C.

On a debate at a high school over whether students should have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance:

• My children better always stand! — Larry S.

• That’s ridiculous! If the students were raised right they will want to stand! — Angie G.

• The headline is misleading. The policy change actually states that individuals “may stand or sit quietly” during “the Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem or anything else during morning observances.” I think this is reasonable; especially since the school, as explained in the article, does additional songs/materials that they were requiring children to stand for throughout the entirety. This simply provides an option and will prevent a lot of useless bickering — Nicole H.

• What an absolute shame. I’m embarrassed right now. Truly embarrassed. My soldier’s child saluted the veterans in our local Christmas parade this year. Why? He’s 5 and understands respect. Lack of parenting and too much entitlement and self “expression” are at fault here. Shame, shame, shame — Stephanie G.

• What does the Pledge of Allegiance have to do with the Constitution? Also, like it or not, one of the rights our soldiers died for was the right of people to not do the pledge. Disrespectful or not, it’s part of our freedom as Americans — Eric C.

On a story about an upsurge in weapons permits, and why this is occurring:

• Because of Obama, Hillary and the U.N. and the arms treaty, terrorist cell groups here in the U.S. entering through the border via Mexico — Karen D.

• Or it could be because people are tired of being robbed by good ol’ Americans who were born and raised here. I’ve actually been considering purchasing a firearm and it has absolutely nothing to do with terrorists, and more to do with crime in Mercer County — Jamie L.

• I consider it my duty to carry a firearm at all times to protect myself and my family — Aaron O.

• I have one because people seem to be right out crazy — Suzanne B.

• Not narcissistic enough to think anyone would want to kill me. I do not have one — Bill M.

• Locally, I’d say it’s due to all the drug related crimes. Nationally, I’d say it’s because people are reacting to the far left policies coming from Washington — Bill C.

On whether marijuana should be legalized in West Virginia and Virginia:

• Of course West Virginia should, we need to try alternative ways to generate income — James B.

• It has over a 1,000 medicinal properties that we know of, one is laughter which the Bible says is good medicine, just saying; it helps the appetite for cancer patients ... the list goes on and on — Karen D.

• I don’t think it should because it alters your mind. If it is I think it would be something you do in your home not out in public or driving because, like alcohol, you are putting everyone’s life at risk when you’re out and not in the correct mindframe — Savanna H.

• Go West Virginia! — Dean C.

• No — Angela G.

• Yes! Yes! Yes! It should be. The hemp plant has numerous uses ... Robert S.

• I was going to post an answer to the question but all I keep thinking is I’m shocked at everyone and, yes, a little disappointed too — Becky B.

• Legalize it — Don Z.

• We have to many problems with drugs now — Derek K.

On a turnpike meeting during which Bill Seaver advocated a continuation of turnpike tolls past 2019, and another board member jested, “One of the alternatives is to put Mercer County into Virginia”:

• I say put us in the state of Virginia. Can’t be any worse! — Madison O.

• Why can’t they move the toll booths to the north and let those people pay tolls for the same amount of time southern West Virginia has ... sounds more than fair to me! — Teresa D.

• Why not raise the sticker price by six bucks for West Virginia, and then exempt them from paying the toll? I mean it’s to gather out-of-state money anyway. I’d pay an extra six bucks a year for my sticker if I knew it exempted me from paying tolls — Samuel B.

• I do feel the comment from someone in a position of authority is in poor taste but I also think there is another solution! Tolls apparently aren’t helping maintain the roads because the road with the tolls are worse than other roads in the state without tolls! — April B.