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November 26, 2012

Twinkies, beer, birth control, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Hostess shutting down, what will happen if Twinkies really do go away and your favorite snack cakes:

• Hostess will sell the Twinkie brand to Little Debbie or somebody else. It’s OK. It’s just yellow cake and creme filling. We will get through this — Neal V.

• ... I like the chocolate Little Debbie snacks! :):) Dave H.

• Love Little Debbies, but also Hostess chocolate cupcakes with the cream filling inside. Yummy — Joyce D.

• I’m a Little Debbie girl myself. Not a fan of Twinkies — never had enough filling ... LOL — Angela G.

• I love their snowball cakes :):) Kim H.

• I’m a Tastykake fan myself! — Matt T.

On Samantha Perry’s column about cooking on Thanksgiving and culinary disasters:

• I have a funny story to tell. I can’t make stuffing at all. My husband told me, “You need to learn to make it ’cause it’s my favorite!” So one Thanksgiving I got two big boxes of Stovetop Stuffing, fixed as directed but I poured it in a large baking pan and baked it like the homemade stuffing. He went on and on about how delicious my stuffing was. He said, “See, you can do it!” It was three weeks later before I told the truth. He got the biggest kick out of that. He still tells that story ... LOL — Mae E.

On a poll question asking how worried you are about escalating tensions in the Middle East:

• It is very concerning. It’s also very scary, too — Sara T.

On a story in which an astronomer said don’t change your plans due to the December doomsday, and what you think of the Mayan calendar doomsday:

• I believe the Bible, no man knows the hour! — Pam B.

• I think if the Mayan calendar had included leap years, then we all would have died last fall ... so ... I think we will be OK — Neal V.

On a story about apes, like humans, having “mid-life crises”:

• Well, if I ever see an ape driving a new Corvette down the highway, I will now know why. LOL ... — Steve B.

On a story about Bluefield police being called to investigate a burgled beer, and if you would call the cops if someone stole your last beer:

• No one ever gets that close to my last beer — Michael W.

• SMH — Diane L.

• No, but know a few that would, LOL — Wayne C.

• LOL! That is funny — but such a waste of their time — Stacy T.

• No, that is just too stupid! — Diana S.

• A waste of our taxpayers’ money! Lord help us all! — Martha J.

• SMH ... Her name should be published for wasting the Bluefield Police Department time — Charlene L.

On whether birth control pills should be available over-the-counter:

• Don’t they have to prescribe a certain strength of pills for that? — Dave H.

• Too many bad side effects to the pill to just be sold over-the-counter — Angel H.

• I believe they should with appropriate warnings — Michael M.

• Seems better than the other form of birth control, abortion — Karen D.

• No. That’s what is wrong with the world today. Kids have too much freedom, they are not told that they should wait until marriage. That’s what God intended. Kids are not taught that these things are wrong according to the word of God. Teach your children the way they should go, and they will not stray from it. (That’s the word.) — Mary R.

• No! — Kathy H.

• They should be taught and watched closer as they approach the teen years instead of being let go. But since they aren’t, yes they should be able to get birth control pills. May cut down on many things like abortion, welfare. Not a problem to get condoms, but too many won’t use them. A female, if she’s going to be sexually active, should make sure she isn’t going to get pregnant instead of relying on the young man — Shirley M.


On a story about Virginia ABC stores offering Black Friday deals:

• Oh boy, half off hooch! LOL! — Joseph L.

On a poll question asking how many people are at your Thanksgiving dinner:

• We had 34. A great Thanksgiving day! — Shirley F.

On a story by Bill Archer about a friendship shared between a local youth and a professional football star:

• Great article Bill, and even more touching, the relationship between a professional athlete and a young man who has been through so much — Dale E.