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July 29, 2013

Love, sexting, murder, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Target and Home Depot eyeing properties in Mercer County:

• Awesome! Would love a Target! — Emily H.

• Apparently Bluefield is now known as “West Toward The Virginia Line” — Don Z.

• Heard this so many times. Believe it when I see it! — Suzan B.

• If the old leaders of Bluefield had their act together years ago maybe Target and other chains would consider Bluefield over Princeton or Virginia — Chrissy C.

• Would love to have a nearby Target! :) Heather H.

• Would love to see Home Depot! — Pam B

On where you would recommend someone look for love, and where you met your significant other:

• I met my husband of 25 years on the CB — Lillian R.

• Church — Kevin L.

• My dad found my man, lol. They worked together [and] he was never satisfied with guys I liked so I told him, “You find me one,” and thank Jehovah he did, ’cause we’ve been happily married for 22 years — Crystal B.

• I say don’t look, it will happen with the person you are meant to be with when you are meant to be with them — Angela G.

• Walmart! Guess if Walmart doesn’t have it — you don’t need it! My question is — if it eventually does not work well, can you get a refund or exchange? — Teresa S.

• When the time is right it will happen. I met my husband when I worked waiting cars at Lynn’s Drive Inn — Sherry B.

On a state study that found middle schools have the biggest bullying problems:

• Wow, I think we all knew that, a waste of time and manpower that could have been used to help the problem by educating staff and parents on ways to help ... — Donna M.

• Every parent knows that — did we really need a study for that? Lol! — Sherry K.

• As the previous folks said, this took a study? Anyone with a memory knows this — Chris A.

• We have the same issues in the upper classes also — Sherry M.

• This would not be a surprise to any middle school teacher — wonder how much this study cost? Could have just asked me — girls are the worst! — Freida H.

On a poll question asking if you would vote for a candidate who had been involved in a sex or sexting scandal:

• No — Charlene L.

• Yep. If it were possible, would vote for President Clinton again without doubt — Susan A.

• Haven’t they all been wrapped up in some kind of scandal? — Larry S.

• We’ll never get perfection in the different offices, but couldn’t we have some morals? — Shirley M.

• Yes, that has nothing to do with the job. People vote for candidates that are divorced, and if you want to look at it from a morality point, divorce is just as bad ... — Rick T.

• What someone does in their personal life is their business. Sex should have nothing to do with who we elect — Alli L.

On a story about a pit bull owner going to court to keep the dog from being put down:

• This is infuriating. One of her dogs got loose. When animal control came to investigate, the other one got loose and bit the officer. Enough said. You didn’t control your “babies” per the ordinance, and they caused damage. Too bad — Allison B.

On a story about home confinement being granted to a woman charged with first-degree murder:

• Kids school fight sadly led to motherless children. What’s the world coming to? — Sharon E.

• Home confinement for first-degree murder, only in Mercer County. Geezzzz. — Charlene L.

• No doubt. She brought the gun ... you don’t bring it with the intent of scratching your head with it — Jason U.

• This is so wrong! — Jenni G.

• Why did she receive this privilege to return to her family? She needs to be in jail! — Bill S.

On whether curse words are becoming too common in everyday language:

• Yeah! I don’t really care, but for the love of God, don’t use ’em in front of kids! They don’t need to hear that! — Stephanie J.

On a story about another prostitute sting in Mercer County:

• It’s about time — Renee H.

• I think they should get them all — Michelle L.

• And they’ll be back on the streets in just a few short hours ... — Danny B.

On a story asking if science can explain the poor behavior of Anthony Weiner:

• He is clearly an idiot perv. Can science explain why his wife is standing by him? — Sherry K.

• Sick, not science! — Kathy C.

• With a last name like Weiner you are bound to have some issues. Imagine his childhood — Joseph L.