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July 29, 2013

Love, sexting, murder, more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Target and Home Depot eyeing properties in Mercer County:

• Awesome! Would love a Target! — Emily H.

• Apparently Bluefield is now known as “West Toward The Virginia Line” — Don Z.

• Heard this so many times. Believe it when I see it! — Suzan B.

• If the old leaders of Bluefield had their act together years ago maybe Target and other chains would consider Bluefield over Princeton or Virginia — Chrissy C.

• Would love to have a nearby Target! :) Heather H.

• Would love to see Home Depot! — Pam B

On where you would recommend someone look for love, and where you met your significant other:

• I met my husband of 25 years on the CB — Lillian R.

• Church — Kevin L.

• My dad found my man, lol. They worked together [and] he was never satisfied with guys I liked so I told him, “You find me one,” and thank Jehovah he did, ’cause we’ve been happily married for 22 years — Crystal B.

• I say don’t look, it will happen with the person you are meant to be with when you are meant to be with them — Angela G.

• Walmart! Guess if Walmart doesn’t have it — you don’t need it! My question is — if it eventually does not work well, can you get a refund or exchange? — Teresa S.

• When the time is right it will happen. I met my husband when I worked waiting cars at Lynn’s Drive Inn — Sherry B.

On a state study that found middle schools have the biggest bullying problems:

• Wow, I think we all knew that, a waste of time and manpower that could have been used to help the problem by educating staff and parents on ways to help ... — Donna M.

• Every parent knows that — did we really need a study for that? Lol! — Sherry K.

• As the previous folks said, this took a study? Anyone with a memory knows this — Chris A.

• We have the same issues in the upper classes also — Sherry M.

• This would not be a surprise to any middle school teacher — wonder how much this study cost? Could have just asked me — girls are the worst! — Freida H.

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